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Silicone Puller Guide - Everything you need to know

Efficient tile laying thanks to the silicone squeegee - a practical tile tool that everyone should have

The right tools can make a significant difference when it comes to completing tiling tasks efficiently and safely.

One of those useful tile tools that is often overlooked is the silicone grout squeegee.

2. What is a silicone joint puller

A picture of a tiler cleaning the silicone joints of tiles with a silicone squeegee after grouting

A silicone grout squeegee is a special tool used to remove silicone grout in various areas where tiles are laid, such as bathrooms or kitchens.

3. How a silicone joint squeegee works

A master tiler grouting tiles with a silicone squeegee

A silicone joint squeegee is particularly effective in shaping the almost dried silicone due to its specific shape and material properties.

The specially adapted edges allow the silicone to be adjusted easily and precisely without damaging the surrounding surfaces.

The robust but flexible materials (usually plastic) ensure that the silicone squeegee can be used in a wide variety of conditions.

For this tile work you need a silicone squeegee:

4. Advantages of using a silicone joint squeegee

Image of a tiler showing thumbs up

There are a number of advantages to using a silicone joint squeegee.

  1. Efficiency: With this tool you can remove silicone joints much faster and cleaner than with conventional methods.
  2. Safety: Since the squeegee is specially designed to remove silicone, it reduces the risk of damage to the tile.
  3. Effectiveness: You can remove even stubborn silicone residues with a silicone joint puller.

5. Types of Silicone Joint Squeegees

Different types of silicone squeegees

There are different types of silicone joint pullers. Depending on the type of tile and edge type, these are available in different shapes.

5.1 Flat silicone squeegees

These squeegees have a smooth, flat edge and are ideal for evenly smoothing silicone grout. They are used to remove excess silicone and leave a clean, smooth finish.

5.2 Profiled silicone pullers

These squeegees feature a profiled edge with various shapes, such as B. curves or V-shaped recesses. They allow special joint profiles to be created and can be used to precisely mold silicone compound into corners or angles.

5.3 Silicone squeegees with different degrees of hardness

Depending on the material composition, silicone squeegees can have different degrees of hardness. Soft squeegees are more flexible and work well on delicate surfaces or uneven tiles. Harder squeegees offer more compressive strength and are suitable for large area applications.

5.4 Silicone squeegees with different widths

Squeegees are available in different widths, typically from 5 to 25mm or even wider. The choice of width depends on the size of the joints to be sealed. Wider squeegees can be more efficient for scraping larger areas, while narrower squeegees are better for smaller joints.

5.5 silicone squeegee with ergonomic handles

Some silicone squeegees come with ergonomically designed handles that provide a comfortable and secure grip. Such handles allow better control and reduce hand fatigue when working with the puller.

5.6 silicone squeegee with interchangeable blades

Some models of silicone squeegees allow the scraper blade to be replaced. This comes in handy when the blade is worn out or damaged as you can simply swap it out for a new one rather than having to replace the entire puller.

6. Choosing the right silicone joint squeegee

Tips for choosing a silicone squeegee

Choosing the right silicone joint squeegee depends on a number of factors.


  • Consider the scope and type of work you want to do
  • Pay attention to your personal preferences and comfort requirements
  • When choosing on the ergonomics of the handle, the quality of the blades and the adjustment options of the tool.

7. Use of a silicone joint squeegee

Instructions for the correct use of a silicone squeegee

Using a silicone joint squeegee is usually pretty easy.

Step-by-step instructions

  1. Start by placing the tool on one edge of the joint and slowly dragging it along the joint.
  2. Make sure you apply even pressure as you do so for a clean result.
  3. For difficult areas or stubborn residue, repeat the process.

8. Common problems and solutions

Avoid mistakes when grouting silicone - A do-it-yourselfer who is angry about having done something wrong

When using a silicone joint squeegee, problems can occasionally arise.

For example, the silicone can sometimes stick to the blade and make it difficult to snip cleanly. In this case, cleaning the blade or using a lubricant such as dish soap may help.

If you have trouble guiding the tool, try reducing the pressure or changing the position of your hand.

9. Care and maintenance of a silicone joint puller

Clean silicone squeegee properly after use

The care and maintenance of a silicone joint squeegee is quite simple.

After each use, you should clean the tool thoroughly to remove silicone residue. Store the puller in a dry place to avoid rusting. Check the tool regularly for wear and replace if necessary.

10. Purchase Opportunities

Silicone grout squeegees are available at most hardware stores and online. When choosing, look for brands that are known for their quality and durability. Compare prices and read customer reviews to make the best choice.

11. Conclusion - A silicone joint squeegee is an optional but helpful tool when laying tiles

A silicone grout squeegee is an essential tool for anyone who works with silicone grout on a regular basis. With its help, you can efficiently, safely and effectively remove silicone. Remember to choose the right tool for your specific needs and take proper care of it to prolong its life.

12. FAQ - The most common questions when using silicone joints

  1. Can I use a silicone grout squeegee for other types of grout? Yes, a silicone grout squeegee can in many cases also be used to remove other types of grout.
  2. How often do I need to replace my silicone grout squeegee? That depends on the frequency of use and maintenance of the tool. With good care, a silicone joint squeegee can last for several years.
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