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Buy a diamond cutting disc. Available in different sizes for different machine types. Ideal for cutting hard building materials such as stone, concrete, granite and tiles.

Overview of diamond cutting discs

iynx Tools manufactures high quality diamond blades designed to cut the most important materials on the most common machines.

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Our range of diamond cutting discs

Our range includes over 100 different cutting discs, all of which are designed to cut various building materials efficiently and precisely.

  • Diameter from 115mm to 350mm
  • Over 10 different diamond segments
  • The most common machine mounts

Diamond cutting discs for angle grinders

Angle grinders are very popular for manual work.

Our diamond cutting discs for angle grinders are available in the most common diameters of 115 mm and 125 mm. With a universal mount of 22.23 mm, they can be mounted on all standard angle grinders from Makita, Bosch, Metabo and DeWalt.

Holders for diamond cutting discs

Diamond cutting discs can be used on a variety of machines with different attachments:

  • angle grinder
  • separation hunter
  • table saws
  • cutting tables

Each machine uses one of four different pickups:

  • 20.0mm
  • 22.23mm
  • 25.4mm
  • 30.0mm

Some of our diamond cutting discs are equipped with a centering ring that allows them to be used on different machines.

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