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Buy a diamond cutting disc for cutting tiles. Available for angle grinders and table saws.

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Tile cutting discs overview

iynx Tools manufactures high quality diamond blades for cutting tiles. We offer the right cutting disc for every type of machine.

Trennscheibe für Fliesen - Fliesen schneiden mit dem Winkelschleifer & Flex Maschinen

Cutting disc for soft tiles such as ceramics

Soft tiles can be cut with any of our diamond tile blades. You have the choice between:

Zur X-CUT Fliesen Flexscheibe

Tile cutting disc for hard tiles made of fine stoneware, granite and natural stone

To cut particularly hard tiles with a scratch hardness of 6-9, you need a high-quality tile cutting disc. We recommend our Turbo or X-CUT segment.

These diamond cutting discs are particularly good for hard material and are available for a wide range of machines:

Turbo Fliesen Trennscheibe
Fliesen Trennscheibe Vergleich - Grafik

Fliesen Trennscheibe - Vergleich Grafik.

Wir zeigen dir die Stärken & Schwächen unserer Fliesen Trennscheibe auf einen Blick. Unsere Werkzeuge werden von Handwerkern und Ingenieuren entwickelt und verbessert.

Tile cutting disc FAQ

Which cutting disc is suitable for cutting tiles?

You absolutely need a diamond cutting disc to cut tiles. These are available with different segment types:

  • X-CUT segment: Ideal for round cuts and recesses of all kinds.
  • Turbo Segment: Perfect for long, straight cuts.
  • Note the diameter of the tile cutting disc: each type of machine requires a specific diameter.

How long does a diamond cutting disc last?

The lifetime of a diamond cutting disc depends on its diamond segment. The higher and higher quality the segment, the longer the service life.

Which diamond cutting disc is suitable for which material?

The diamond segment of a diamond cutting disc for tiles is always tailored to a specific group of materials. The most popular are:

  • Turbo segment: For fine cuts in hard and sensitive materials.
  • Block segment: For rough and quick cuts in hard material.
  • Specialty Segments: Specific to a specific material.