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Buy diamond polishing discs. Ideal for polishing delicate materials such as granite, marble and natural stone. Available for angle grinders, eccentric grinders and flex machines.

Diamond Polishing Wheel FAQ

Are diamond polishing discs used with or without water?

There are two types of diamond polishing wheels:

Dry diamond polishing wheels designed for polishing delicate surfaces without water and wet diamond polishing wheels intended for use with water.

Can diamond polishing discs be used with an angle grinder?

Yes, diamond buffing wheels can be used with angle grinders and flex machines. However, an additional M14 mounting plate with Velcro is required for this.

Diamond polishing discs overview

iynx Tools produces high-quality diamond polishing discs that have been specially developed for the precise preparation and polishing of high-quality materials.

Our range of diamond polishing discs

Our range includes various diamond polishing discs , all of which are designed for the efficient and precise polishing of various building materials.

  • They are available in different diameters ( 100 mm , 125 mm, 150 mm) and are equipped with durable Velcro fasteners.
  • We also offer diamond segments in two versions for dry or wet polishing .
Diamant Polierscheibe Trocken für Winkelschleifer - Vorteile Grafik

Diamond polishing wheel set

In order to achieve the best possible result when polishing marble, granite and natural stone, it is particularly important to use the recommended grits in the correct order.

When you buy a set you save an average of 35% compared to buying individual diamond polishing discs.

Depending on the desired finish, kits designed for normal or mirror finish can be considered.

Diamant Polierscheiben Körnungen Tabelle

Diamond polishing wheel grits

Diamond polishing wheels are available in a range of grits, similar to sandpaper. The following applies:

  1. The lower the grit, the higher the removal.
  2. For example, 50 grit is used for rough sanding work, while 3000 grit is used for mirror finishes.
  • Ratgeber Bannerbild Fliesen und Feinsteinzeug Kanten schleifen mit dem WInkelschleifer und Diamantschleifpad

    Sand tiles and fine stoneware edges

    Grinding tiles requires a suitable diamond grinding wheel . Depending on the hardness of the tile and the desired grinding pattern, a grinding pad for the angle grinder or a diamond grinding block is used.

  • Ratgeber-Fliesen-schleifen Bannerbild

    Tile grinding diamond polishing wheels

    In this comprehensive guide, we'll show you why sanding tiles is so important, what types of tiles you can sand and how to do it.

  • Eine Granit Arbeitsplatte wird mit einem Diamant Schleifpad geschliffen und poliert

    Grind granite tiles and countertops with diamond polishing discs

    Granite is a noble and durable material that is characterized by its robustness and resilience. Polishing brings out the natural beauty of the stone and intensifies its colors.

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