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    Cost savings

    We rely on direct sales. Up to 50% savings compared to specialist retailers.

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    30 Day Money Back Guarantee

    We will refund you the full purchase price if you are not satisfied.

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    product advice

    We support you via Whatsapp, mail, phone and live chat.

  • Innovative subscription model

    With our subscription model, we have created a win-win situation for craft businesses.

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    High quality components

    Our diamond tools are characterized by an increased diamond density and a larger diamond segment height.

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    We share all findings, including product tests, with our customers.

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Diamantwerkzeuge vom Hersteller

Als Hersteller im Direktvertrieb sind wir eine echte Alternative für den Kauf im Fachhandel oder Online Marktplätzen. Hier haben wir die Chance unsere Kunden bestmöglich und auf allen Ebenen zu unterstützen

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    Free delivery

    From €35 in DE, AT.

    From 35 CHF in CH incl. acceptance of customs & A-Post.

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    Refund warranty

    We will refund you the full purchase price if you are not satisfied.

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    Advice & contact

    We support you via Whatsapp, mail, phone and live chat.

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    Save with a subscription

    With our subscription model, we have created a win-win situation for craft businesses.

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Das einfachste Diamantwerkzeuge Konzept der Welt.

Diamantwerkzeuge +

Wir identifizieren zunächst grundlegende Werkzeuge, die für Heimwerker und Handwerker unverzichtbar sind. Bei der Auswahl achten wir darauf, dass die Produkte eine solide Basisqualität aufweisen und Verbesserungspotenzial bieten.

Profi Diamantwerkzeuge für Handwerker und Profis - Höchste Qualität

Profi Diamantwerkzeuge

Wir optimieren Leistung und Qualität unserer Basic-Produkte durch gezielte Verbesserungen in Material, Design und Funktionen. Dieser kontinuierliche Optimierungsprozess, gestützt auf Analysen und Tests, wird fortgesetzt, bis die hohen Kundenerwartungen an Qualität und Preis-Leistung erfüllt sind.

Preisvergleich Diamantwerkzeuge

Beim Kauf von Diamantwerkzeugen, ob direkt vom Hersteller oder beim Fachhandel, können erhebliche Preisunterschiede auftreten. Ein anschauliches Beispiel hierfür ist die 125 mm Fliesen-Trennscheibe.

Zusätzlich Sparen im Abo

Effektiver Einsatz von Diamantwerkzeugen

In Zusammenarbeit mit Handwerkern aus verschiedensten Gewerken bieten wir Ihnen unsere äußerst nützlichen Ratgeber an. Damit können Sie unsere Diamantwerkzeuge wie ein Profi einsetzen.

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Additional Information

Advantages of diamond tools

durability and efficiency

Diamond tools are extremely popular due to their durability and efficiency when machining different materials.

They are particularly durable because diamonds are considered the hardest naturally occurring material.

The use of tools with diamond segments leads to less wear and thus ensures a significantly longer service life for the diamond tools.

Versatile applications

Diamond tools are suitable for a variety of applications such as cutting, drilling and grinding of hard building materials such as:

Diamond tools enable clean and precise cuts and ensure a professional work result.

Product Categories

Diamond cutting disc & diamond saw blades for all areas of application.

We have the right diamond cutting disc for every building material and almost every machine type.

The most popular are:

Diamond drill bit

Diamond core bits are excellent for drilling holes in concrete, stone and tile. They are available in different diameters and product variations.

Diamond cup wheels

Diamond cup wheels are used for grinding and edging hard and rough surfaces such as concrete or screed.

They are also your perfect partner for renovations to remove old remains from floors and walls. No other grinding tool works as well, efficiently and cost-effectively.

Top performance

Additional Information

A good tool manufacturer will provide you, the customer, with all the information. In the first step, we provide you with information on product tests and user examples .

Warranty and Customer Service

Another important consideration when choosing diamond tools is their money-back guarantee and customer service.

Our return policy is extremely beneficial to our customers and customer service is available to you on all major channels.

  • Fliesenleger Kunden Rezession über unsere Diamant Werkzeuge - Foto des Kunden

    Tiler Baden (CH)

    The service from Iynx Tools convinced us. Together we have our tool needs on a monthly basis. Determined on a basis and switched to a subscription model. I now save an additional 15% every month and always have all the tools in stock.


    (customer in the subscription model)

  • Tiefbau Unternehmen Kundenmeinung über unsere Diamanttrennscheiben - Foto der Person

    Civil Engineering Waldshut

    The managing director of Iynx Tools introduced himself to us and presented the product portfolio. We had the opportunity to test the diamond cutting discs and are very satisfied with the quality in this price category.


    (customer for large cut-off wheels)

  • Gärtner Foto - Online Shop Kunde der unsere Diamanttrennscheibe für Stein verwendet hat.

    shop customer

    For my garden project I needed a cutting disc to cut my lawn curbs . After I had described my situation, a diamond cutting disc for the angle grinder was quickly recommended to me.


    (online shop customer)

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That's what we stand for!

contribution to cost reduction

We are committed to reducing costs in the construction industry by providing a wide range of quality, affordable diamond tools for the home and tradesperson. Our goal is to make the dream of owning your own home in Germany more affordable again.

take initiative

According to current statistics, the average waiting time for tradespeople is around 11 weeks. But don't worry, with the right information and tools, you can do many of these tasks yourself. In our do-it-yourself magazine you will find detailed information and instructions for a variety of projects and areas of application.

Testing & Transparency

We want to offer our customers maximum transparency. That's why we test our tools under real conditions and openly share the results with you. This is how we ensure that we can offer the best possible tools with the most attractive price-performance ratio alongside our competitors.

Quality & Consistency

iynx Tools diamond tools stands for quality and durability. Manufactured from premium tool steel and manufactured to the latest industry standards, we guarantee you excellent performance. Our products are characterized by above-average high diamond segments, which ensure precise and efficient work results.