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Collection: Diamond grinding disc 125 mm for flex & angle grinders

Diamond grinding discs for the angle grinder. Available in 125mm diameter. The diamond grinding wheels are ideal for grinding hard surfaces such as concrete, screed and granite.

FAQ about diamond grinding wheels

How long can a diamond grinding wheel be used?

The lifespan of a diamond grinding wheel depends on the quality and height of the diamond segments. The following applies: the harder the material, the greater the wear. On average, a diamond cup wheel lasts at least 12 working hours.

What types of diamond grinding wheels are there?

Diamond grinding wheels are all grinding wheels that have a diamond segment or a diamond coating. The most commonly used types are:

  • Diamond cup wheel
  • Diamond abrasive pad for tiles

Diamond grinding wheels from iynx tools

With our high-quality, diamond-studded grinding wheels, you can master the grinding and polishing of all surfaces.

Diamant Schleifscheibe mit 125 mm Durchmesser und doppelreihigen Diamant Segmenten für den Winkelschleifer

Diamond grinding wheel with diamond segment

A diamond grinding wheel with visible diamond segments, also known as a diamond cup wheel , is suitable for rough removal or grinding of hard surfaces such as concrete and screed.

These are available in diameters of 125 mm for the angle grinder and 180 mm for the concrete grinder.

The most popular segment types are:

Diamant Schleifscheibe mit Diamant Struktur beim Fliesen schleifen und Polieren mit dem Winkelschleifer

Diamond grinding wheel with diamond-studded surface

A diamond grinding wheel with a diamond-coated surface is used for grinding and polishing particularly sensitive surfaces.

They are suitable for removing finer surface structures such as tiles and are available in different abrasive grits for dry or wet grinding.

  • Beton wird mit einem Winkelschleifer und einer Diamant Schleifscheibe geschliffen

    Grinding concrete with the angle grinder

    A diamond grinding wheel is the ideal tool for grinding concrete. It works very efficiently, cheaply and quickly.

  • Diamant Schleifscheibe beim Fliesen schleifen mit dem Winkelschleifer

    Grinding and polishing tiles

    Our diamond grinding discs with diamond honeycomb structure are ideal for grinding and polishing sensitive tiles such as marble, granite and natural stone.

  • Diamant Schleifscheibe beim Estrich schleifen mit dem Winkelschleifer

    Grinding screed with the Flex

    Another important area of ​​application for our diamond-tipped grinding discs is the removal of excess screed and old screed.

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