Collection: Diamond cup wheel

Diamond cup wheel for angle grinders and concrete grinders. For grinding concrete, granite and screed.

Diamond cup wheel FAQ

What exactly is a diamond cup wheel?

A diamond cup wheel is a special grinding wheel designed for angle grinders and concrete grinders.

In contrast to conventional grinding wheels, it does not have a coating, but rather carbide segments that are provided with diamond particles.

Which diamond cup wheel is suitable for removing tile adhesive?

When grinding tile adhesive, the heat generated can create lumps of adhesive that stick to the diamond segment. Depending on the segment type, the cup wheel can handle these adhesive residues better or worse. We recommend for this:

We recommend:

Which diamond cup wheel for angle grinders?

Any diamond cup wheel with a diameter of 125mm and a 22.23mm shank can be used on angle grinders and flex machines.

Diamond cup wheels from iynx Tools

iynx Tools manufactures high-quality diamond cup wheels that are specially designed for precise grinding and removal of hard building material surfaces.

Diamant Schleiftöpfe Arten

Types of diamond cup wheels

Diamond cup wheels are available in different shapes and diameters. The way it works is always the same, but the grinding behavior varies depending on the material.

The most popular diameters of cup wheels are:

Types of diamond segments:

Produktbild 125 mm Schleiftopf auf einem Winkelschleifer

Cup wheel angle grinder 125 mm

The 125 mm diamond cup wheel is the most popular grinding tool for removing particularly hard and coarse material surfaces such as concrete, screed and granite.

Advantages of the 125 mm diamond cup wheels

The biggest advantage is that there is no need to buy an additional machine for this diamond grinding wheel.

At only 2/3 the total surface area of ​​a 180mm diamond cup wheel, it's still efficient enough to grind smaller surfaces.

Diamant Schleiftopf 180 mm Betonschleifer

Diamond cup wheel 180 mm for concrete grinders

The Concrete Grinder is the most efficient handheld tool for grinding concrete and screed surfaces.

It has an integrated extraction hood, which is a great advantage when sanding.

In conjunction with a 180 mm diamond cup wheel, it is the ideal machine for renovation and refurbishment work.