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Design a garden path in a modern way - tips for successful combinations

A modern garden path sets creative accents.

It gives the garden a contemporary look. But what is important when planning?

Modern zen garden with quadric solar lamps in the step area. Only the top third of the lamp lights up.

In this article we will show you how to decorate your garden path with the right:

  • materials
  • shapes and
  • Design elements in a modern and stylish way.

1. Modern materials

When it comes to material selection, you have many options:


Smooth exposed masonry or concrete slabs in modern forms look contemporary.

    Concrete garden path with structure for a modern appearance

    corten steel

    The rusty brown patina of corten steel elements looks modern.

      Corten steel ensures freshness in the garden and looks modern

      coarse gravel

      Coarse gravel in anthracite tones suits the modern style.

        Anthracite gravel breaks up structures and creates clear lines in a garden path

        2. Geometric shapes

        The design language also creates the look:

        Straight lines

        Hard, geometric edges and straight paths have a modern look.

        Straight garden path

        circles and ovals

        Curved lines provide a nice contrast.

        Garden path with curves

        Abstract Shapes

        Unusual geometric shapes break with the familiar.

        Modern garden path with abstract shapes that complement each other

        3. Grayscale and muted colors

        The following applies to the colours:

        Black, grey, anthracite

        These muted, modern tones fit perfectly and look classy.

        Natural materials

        Onyx, basalt and untreated wood in natural tones.

        Modern design

        The design should be clean and clear:

        • Symmetry - Symmetrical arrangements look tidy.
        • Clear structures - clear shapes and patterns create clarity.
        • Reduction to the essentials - renunciation of the superfluous, focus on the essentials.

        More options for Garden path design

        4. Modern elements

        Modern accents can be set with:

        Lighting and light accents

        Indirect light and light modules create visual highlights.

        Modern zen garden with quadric solar lamps in the step area. Only the top third of the lamp lights up.

        Integrate water features

        For example a narrow watercourse next to the path.

        Garden path with creek

        Modern planting

        Clear and reduced arrangements of grasses, perennials, etc.

        Modern garden path with modern plants

        Conclusion - It can be easy and inexpensive to make a garden path look modern. However, there are no limits.

        With the right materials, shapes and elements, a garden path can be designed with a modern look. Clear lines, muted colors and an appropriate reduction for the modern style are important.

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