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Make the garden path easy to maintain - so the effort remains low

A garden path should bring joy and invite you to stroll. Time-consuming maintenance work and high maintenance costs are less pleasant.

With the right planning and choice of material, a garden path can also be designed to be easy to maintain. In this article we will show you what is important.

Two options of low-maintenance garden paths

Choose robust, solid materials

Choose solid materials that are permanently resilient:

  • concrete slabs - Concrete is quite insensitive - easy to clean
  • natural stone - Hard rock like granite is durable and uncomplicated.
  • interlocking pavement - The advantages of concrete and natural stone in one product.

Lay seamlessly where possible

Example of seamlessly laid concrete slabs in the garden

Open joints collect dirt and encourage weeds.

  • Seamless plaster
  • Large stone formats result in a clean look and few joints.
  • Large format panels
  • Fewer joints mean less cleaning effort.
  • Floorboards made of WPC - Plastic mixture enables seamless installation.

Avoid complex technology

Garden path without additional technology or lighting

The simpler, the easier to care for:

  • No wells or pumps 
  • Water features mean high maintenance costs.
  • Simple lighting
  • LED lights instead of complicated headlights.
  • Straight route 
  • Simple geometric shapes are less complicated.

Use easy-care plants

Easy-care planting for garden paths

The planting also determines the effort:

  • Easy-care perennials 
  • Use hardy, undemanding plants.
  • Groundcover instead of lawn 
  • Ground covers like thyme grow on their own.
  • Hardly plant deciduous trees 
  • Leaves cause extra work in the fall.

Take regular cleaning seriously

The sooner, the less effort:

  • Remove leaves and weeds promptly 
  • Prevents staining and damage.
  • Clean with a high-pressure cleaner 
  • Effortlessly removes stubborn dirt.
  • Remove stains immediately 
  • The fresher they are, the easier they are to remove.

Make the stone cutting disc easy to care for on the garden path by cutting stones

Conclusion - garden paths can be designed to be easy to maintain. Without much effort or cost.

With the right materials, simple constructions and regular cleaning, a garden path stays in good shape - without a lot of maintenance.

More options for Garden path design

Summary of important tips:

  • Choose solid, robust materials
  • Lay as seamlessly as possible
  • Simple design without technology
  • Use easy-care plants
  • Carry out regular cleaning
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