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Cut old roofing felt and bitumen membranes

When renovating roofs, old roofing felt or bitumen sheets often have to be removed with a great deal of effort.

The removal of old roofing felt and especially bitumen sheets can become a nerve-wracking affair. Due to the generous laying of these building materials, there are very thick layers of material.

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Problems removing old roofing felt and bitumen

  • Very tough material
  • Very thick material
  • No known tool that makes the job easier

Cutting bitumen with Flex - instructions

Cutting bitumen with a Flex is not possible with conventional tools. However, we offer you a solution in the form of a special cutting disc .

Special cutting disc for cutting bitumen with flex

  1. Buy a special cutting disc for Flex with a diameter of 115 mm, 125 mm or 230 mm
  2. We recommend the 230mm for more depth of cut
  3. Mount the cutting disc on the angle grinder
  4. Cut into the bitumen at high speed
  5. If the segments are particularly sticky, clean the cutting disc

Properties of the special cutting disc for flex and angle grinders

This cutting disc has a protruding segment that can be used for particularly demanding work.

  • Cuts bitumen
  • soil work
  • Remove root

Cost of cutting disc for bitumen or roofing felt flex

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Conclusion - Old roofing felt and bitumen can be easily removed with the right tools

With the right tools and machines, these building materials, which are usually applied very thickly, can be removed without any problems. From experience we can tell you that a small investment will save you a lot of time and effort!

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