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Beton abschleifen - Anleitung, Video und Werkzeuge

Grinding concrete - instructions, video and tools

Grinding concrete can be accomplished using different tactics and methods. We'll show you the cheapest way to do it yourself as a do-it-yourselfer!

Sanding concrete isn't difficult if you have the rightsanding tools and methods on hand.

Concrete surfaces are widely used in construction and occasionally require sanding, whether for renovation or refurbishment. In this article you will find out which angle grinder grinding disc you can use for grinding concrete in your own project.

Concrete grinding tools - Our selection for DIY enthusiasts

There are different types of grinding wheels that are suitable for grinding concrete:

1. Concrete grinding with diamond grinding wheels

Diamond grinding pad for concrete

A diamond grinding wheel is ideal for finishing or preparing concrete surfaces. It is available in various fine and coarse grits and enables a precise sanding pattern for the angle grinder.

2. Grind and polish concrete

Grinding and polishing concrete

High-quality concrete surfaces can be polished with diamond polishing discs to achieve a shiny and smooth surface finish. The angle grinder can also be used here for grinding and polishing concrete as a cost-effective alternative to the polishing machine.

3. Roughly sand concrete

Concrete cup wheel to roughly grind concrete with the angle grinder

The diamond cup wheel is your partner of choice in construction or concrete processing outdoors. With this tool you can efficiently and inexpensively sand down concrete surfaces with the angle grinder.

Especially recommended for:

  • grinding concrete edges
  • Grind concrete surfaces and clean surface

Grinding concrete with the angle grinder - simple instructions

Here's a simple guide to getting your concrete back in shape with the angle grinder and flex machines:

  1. Mount the concrete grinding wheel on the angle grinder: Make sure that the grinding wheel is firmly and securely in place.

  2. Sanding the surface in circular motions: Move the angle grinder in even circles over the concrete surface to be sanded. Make sure you work the surface evenly.

  3. Always use as much pressure as possible: don't press down too hard on the angle grinder, as this can lead to uneven results. Let the grinding wheel do its job.

  4. Repeat the process until the desired result is achieved: grind the concrete until the desired surface is achieved.

More advice on grinding concrete with the angle grinder

Grinding concrete - Grinding discs in direct comparison

grinding wheel Art Advantages Disadvantages
diamond grinding wheels Ideal for finishing and preparing any concrete surface. May produce uneven results if used improperly.
Available in various fine and coarse grits. Relatively expensive compared to other grinding wheels.
Durable and offer a high removal rate.
diamond polishing wheels High quality concrete surfaces can be polished to achieve a shiny and smooth surface finish. Requires experience to achieve an even polishing result.
Also suitable for grinding concrete surfaces. Possibly more expensive than other polishing pad materials.
Diamond cup wheels Efficient grinding of concrete in construction or outdoors. Can produce uneven results if pressed too hard.
Recommended for grinding concrete edges and cleaning surfaces. Not suitable for fine work.

Our Opinion - The angle grinder is a quick and inexpensive way to grind and prepare concrete

With the right tool, grinding concrete is no problem. It's usually not particularly difficult. However, we recommend that you read detailed guides for high-quality concrete, especially when it comes to grinding concrete edges or polishing concrete surfaces.

FAQs - Frequently asked questions about grinding concrete

How often should I change the concrete grinding wheel?

It depends on the frequency and intensity of use. As a rule, however, you should replace the grinding wheel when it is very worn and is no longer performing well.

Can I also use an angle grinder for other materials?

Yes, angle grinders are versatile tools and can also be used on other materials such as metal or wood. However, make sure to use the right grinding wheel.

What safety measures should I take when grinding concrete?

To protect yourself when grinding concrete, we recommend:

  • safety goggles
  • ear protection
  • working gloves

Also make sure that the angle grinder is working properly and that the grinding wheel is mounted correctly.

Can I use my angle grinder to polish concrete?

Yes, you can use the angle grinder with a buffing wheel to polish concrete surfaces. Be sure to choose the right polishing pad for concrete.

What type of angle grinder is best for home use?

For home use, an angle grinder with a power of around 800-1200 watts is recommended. This is strong enough to handle most sanding jobs without being too heavy or unwieldy.

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