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Grinding concrete with the angle grinder - everything you need to know

Grinding concrete with the angle grinder - ideal for smaller concrete surfaces

Difficulty: Easy | Costs: from 20 euros| Workload: approx. 1 hour

Key takeaways when grinding concrete with the Flex

  1. An angle grinder is suitable for concrete grinding of concrete surfaces up to 10 square meters.
  2. Tools required: 125 mm diamond cup wheel and grinding pad, optional dust hood.
  3. Avoid too much pressure and long sanding in one spot.
  4. Extraction hood reduces hazardous concrete fine dust, alternatively wear an FFP 2 mask.
  5. The angle grinder is fast, inexpensive and can be converted into a professional concrete grinder.

Table of contents

The angle grinder can be ideally used for grinding concrete surfaces with an area of ​​10 square meters. Larger areas should be sanded with a concrete grinder due to the time required.

In this guide, you will find out everything you need to know about using the angle grinder (flex) correctly when grinding concrete, the tools you need and helpful tips.

1. What tools do you need to grind concrete with the angle grinder?

Depending on the desired concrete grinding, these Flex attachments for concrete grinding are suitable:

  • 125 mm angle grinder Diamond cup wheel for coarse concrete surfaces - ideal for grinding coarse fresh concrete or old concrete. The tool can remove concrete up to 1cm.

    125 mm diamond cup wheel for grinding concrete with the angle grinder (flex)

  • 125 mm Diamond Abrasive Pad - Ideal for fine grinding or polishing concrete

    Diamond grinding pad for concrete grinding and polishing with the angle grinder

  • Optionally, a 125 mm extraction hood for dust-free sanding

2. How do I grind concrete with the angle grinder (flex)?

  1. Mount the concrete grinding wheel on the angle grinder.

  2. Tape or at least mark the edges of the concrete surface. This will prevent you from sanding down unnecessary surface.

  3. Start the angle grinder (flex) and start grinding the concrete surface without applying much pressure. You'll get the best results by making small, circular movements.

Our assessment: Grinding concrete with an angle grinder is not difficult and can be done by anyone with these instructions.

Tip: If you are unsure, you can practice on a piece of concrete block or concrete slab in your garden.

Practice grinding concrete with the angle grinder on an old concrete slab in the garden

3. Grinding concrete with the angle grinder - You should avoid these mistakes

The diamond cup wheel ensures rapid abrasion during grinding. Incorrect use can lead to the following damage:

  • Too deep an indentation - If you grind in one spot for too long, you can end up with too much of a difference in elevation. Then you have to refill the concrete surface.
  • Wear out too quickly - If you put too much pressure on the angle grinder, the diamond cup wheel can wear out too quickly.
  • Also grind in the edge area - Grinding concrete can be a bit more difficult, especially in the edge areas, for example on the concrete floor and wall. Therefore, we recommend that you start at the edge area, as people tend not to sand down this unpopular area properly.

A diamond grinding wheel on an angle grinder when grinding concrete and screed.

4. Professional tip: Use an extraction hood for dust-free concrete grinding with the angle grinder

It is a documented fact that grinding concrete generates large amounts of dangerous fine dust. This puts a lot of strain on the lungs and airways. This fine stone dust can be prevented by converting your angle grinder into a functional concrete grinder.

You can use an extraction hood with dust extraction for this. This is mounted on the angle grinder and connected to a standard vacuum cleaner.

Extraction hood for the angle grinder for dust-free grinding of concrete

The 125 mm concrete diamond cup wheel has suction holes that are ideal for removing dust.

If you should decide against an extraction hood, we recommend that you at least wear an FFP 2 mask.

More helpful advice on grinding with the angle grinder:

5. Conclusion - Concrete grinding with an angle grinder is quick and inexpensive - but only for small areas

The angle grinder is a legitimate machine for grinding small concrete surfaces. You can even convert it into a professional concrete grinder. Use the right tools to get the best results.

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