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Fliesen Sockelleisten werden mit einem Fliesenschneider geschnitten

Cut tile baseboards - do it yourself and save money

Cut tile skirting boards yourself - this is how you save money when renovating the bathroom

Difficulty: Medium | Costs: from 15 euros | Workload: approx. 5 minutes per bar

1. What are tile bases and why do you have to cut them?

The topic of tile skirting boards often comes as a surprise because you have never thought about it. After selecting the bathroom tiles, the tile dealer usually asks the question "Would you like to have your base tiles cut?"

Then you will be overwhelmed with expensive prices and a small selection of variants.

2. What is the price for having tile skirting boards cut?

If you don't have any extravagant wishes, you can easily cut the tile base strips yourself or have them cut as you wish. Otherwise you can expect about one euro per cut.

If you want to cut them yourself, an angle grinder and a suitable diamond disc are sufficient.

Table of contents

3. Tool you need to cut tile baseboards.

In order to be able to guarantee a clean result, we would like to suggest that you use the more complex variant.

Cut tile baseboards with a tile cutting disc and an angle grinder

3.1 You need:

You can borrow the tile cutting table from a specialist store. Here for example at OBI.

3.2 Procedure for cutting tile baseboards

  1. Prepare the tile cutting table for use. Provide water supply if necessary and place the 350 mm diamond blade .
  2. Mark the tiles with a cut edge. Be sure to save on materials. It is best to start at a tile edge.
  3. lay tile
  4. Start the tile cutting table and start the cutting process by applying light pressure
  5. Sand the resulting tile edge as desired

3.3 Quickly cut tile skirting boards with an angle grinder

If a very accurate procedure is not required, you can cut the tile base strips with an angle grinder.

  1. Mount tile cutting disc
  2. Mark the cutting edge
  3. Leave the tile slightly overhanging
  4. Make a deep cut at the beginning and end of the tile and make a cut through the entire tile when moving back
  5. Grind tile edges with a diamond polishing pad for tiles

Ratgeber_Fliesen Cutting baseboards_ Application image _ Craftsman cuts baseboards for the bathroom with an angle grinder

4. Have tile skirting boards cut by a specialist. How high is the price?

The price for such a service depends on the cutting or meter length. Further processing also plays a role.

Our tip: To save money, you should avoid a rounded profile. Alternatively, you can create a rounded baseboard profile yourself with a diamond cutter .

Theoretically, you could grind the tile edges yourself to keep the price low.

5. Frequently asked questions about tile base cutting

1. What is a tile base?

A tile base is a narrow strip applied to the edges of tiles to conceal the edges and create an aesthetically pleasing finish.

2. Where can I buy tools for cutting tile skirting?

Tools for cutting tile bases are available at hardware stores, specialty tile supply stores, and online. Compare prices and quality to find the best tools for your needs.

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