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Tile cutter vs. cutting tiles with an angle grinder

Tile cutter or angle grinder for cutting tiles? - The right choice for your tile project

Tile cutting is an essential task when it comes to renovation and home improvement projects. There are various tools that can be used for this including tile cutters and angle grinders.

In this article, we will discuss the pros and cons of these two options to help you choose the right tool for your needs.

Boxing ring graphic - cutting tiles with an angle grinder or tile cutter

Table of contents

  1. Tile cutter: Clean and precise

    • How the tile cutter works
    • Advantages of the tile cutter
    • Limitations of the tile cutter
  2. Angle grinders: Versatile but dusty

    • How the angle grinder works
    • Advantages of the angle grinder
    • Limitations of the angle grinder
  3. The wet cutter as an alternative

    • Areas of application of the wet cutter
    • Advantages of the wet cutter
    • Dry cutting with the wet cutter
  4. Combination of tile cutter and angle grinder

    • Optimum uses
    • Tackle tricky cuts
    • Recommendation high-quality angle grinder
  5. The right tool selection

    • Dependence on tile type and cutting complexity
    • Consider personal preferences
    • Recommendation of professional help
  6. Practical instructions for cutting tiles

    • Cut tiles with the tile cutter
    • Cut tiles with the angle grinder
    • Suitable tools for home use
  7. Summary and conclusion

1. The tile cutter: Clean and precise

The tile cutter is a popular tool used to make straight cuts in tiles.

The functioning of the tile cutter is very simple

The tile is clamped into the cutting mechanism of the tile cutter and then a lever is used to mark the line of the cutting wheel on the surface of the tile.

Pressing the lever will score the tile along this line and then use the tile cutter's breaking mechanism to break the tile clean.

Tile cutter shortening the tiles

1.1 Advantages of the tile cutter:

  • Precise and straight cuts
  • Breaking the tiles cleanly along the scored line
  • Low dust emission during cutting
  • Easy to use and relatively quiet

1.2 Limitations of the tile cutter:

  • Suitable for straight cuts only
  • Not suitable for complex cutouts or curves

2. Angle grinder: Versatile but dusty

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The angle grinder is a versatile tool that is used in many areas of DIY work. It can also be used to cut tiles, especially when it comes to tricky cutouts

The angle grinder is equipped with a special tile diamond blade that allows cutting tiles.

2.1 Advantages of the angle grinder:

  • Versatile for various projects
  • Suitable for tricky necklines and curves
  • Can also be used for other work

2.2 Limitations of the angle grinder:

  • Generates a significant amount of dust during cutting
  • Harder to get straight cuts
  • May leave inaccurate edges

Tools that can help with cutting tiles

Tile drill banner image

3. The wet cutter as an alternative to the tile cutter and the flex

The wet cutter is another way to cut tiles. It is often used for difficult cuts and is equipped with a diamond blade. The advantage of the wet cutter is that it can also cut dry, which keeps the work area cleaner.

3.1 Advantages of wet cutter:

Wet cutter cutting tiles

  • Suitable for tricky and complex cuts
  • Cutting is possible in both wet and dry processes
  • Precise cutting results

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4. Combination of tile cutter and angle grinder

Many DIYers prefer to use a combination tile cutter and angle grinder to handle all types of cuts.

According to the tiler Schiffbauer: The tile cutter is ideal for straight cuts, while the angle grinder is used for tricky cutouts.

5. Choosing the right tool - weigh the pros and cons and combine them if necessary

Bathroom after cutting and laying tiles

Choosing the right tool depends on various factors such as the type of tile, the complexity of the cuts and personal preference.

5.1 Referral to Professional Help

If you have never laid tiles before or are unsure, it is advisable to get help from someone with tiling experience.

6. Practical instructions for cutting tiles

6.1 Cutting tiles with the tile cutter

To cut tiles with the tile cutter, follow these steps:

  1. Mark the desired length.
  2. Place the tile in the tile cutter and straighten it.
  3. Push the lever down to score the tile.
  4. Press the cutter down a little to break the tile.
  5. Treat sharp edges carefully or sand smooth.

6.2 Cutting tiles with the angle grinder

Guide Cutting tiles with the angle grinder

To cut tiles with the angle grinder, proceed as follows:

  1. Mark the desired cutting line.
  2. Cut the surface of the tile first.
  3. Cut the tile completely.
  4. Fine-tune small nicks with a sharpening stone.

7. Summary and conclusion - When cutting tiles, you should always carefully consider your choice of machines and tools

The choice between tile cutter and angle grinder depends on your individual requirements and preferences. The tile cutter is an excellent choice for straight cuts, while the angle grinder scores points for complex cutouts and curves.

A combination of both tools can be an ideal solution for versatile projects. Remember that safety is paramount and wearing protective clothing is essential for any cutting job.

FAQs - Frequently asked questions about cutting tiles

1. Which tool is better for straight cuts?

The tile cutter is ideal for straight cuts as it delivers precise and clean results.

2. Can the angle grinder handle complex cutouts?

Yes, the angle grinder is versatile and can also be used for tricky cutouts and curves.

3. Which tool leaves less dust behind?

The tile cutter produces less dust than the angle grinder.

4. Can I also use a wet cutter dry?

Yes, the wet cutter can be used in both wet and dry processes.

5. What should I pay attention to when choosing a tool?

Consider the type of tile, the complexity of the cuts and your personal preferences when choosing the tool.
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