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Drilling a large hole in a tile - instructions, tips & tricks

Drill a big hole in a tile? This is how you can do it as a do-it-yourselfer

Difficulty: Easy | Costs about 50 euros | Workload : approx. 10-30min

Some bathroom installations require a large drill hole in the tile. The good thing is that we have a suitable tile drill bit for almost every application.

The most common applications are:

There are also many other examples where a large hole has to be drilled in tiles.

All you need is the right diamond drill bit for tiles and an angle grinder.

1. Step by step instructions:

Drilling a large hole in a tile is no more difficult than drilling a normal sized tile hole.

We haven't met anyone who couldn't do it with a little practice. There are also some tips & tricks on how to make it work fairly easily.

Handyman who drilled a big hole in the tile and encourages others to do it

  1. Mark the desired drill hole position on the tile
  2. Mount suitable tile drilling cone, eg 68 mm for sockets, on the angle grinder. Simply screw it onto the M14 thread.
  3. Set the drill bit at a slight angle and start the drilling process with a low number of revolutions.
  4. As soon as the drill bit has "taken hold" you can set it up and increase the speed.
  5. With a slight oscillating motion, let the drill do the work and drill the large hole in the tile.

Be sure to stop the drill once the tile is pierced. We can assure you that you will feel it once the drill bit has cut through the tile.

In a moment you will notice that the tile drill bit no longer "pushes" forward and the pressure from the tool and machine is released.

2. Alternative: No boh crown? No problem - you have these alternative options for drilling a large hole in the tile

If you urgently need to drill the hole and can't wait for a tile drill bit from Iynx Tools (perfect drill holes), we would like to show you these alternatives.

2.1 Alternative: Cut a hole in the tile

Handyman cutting a large hole in a tile with an angle grinder and a diamond tile blade

It is also possible to cut a hole in a tile with a tile cutting disc . With this method, rectangular holes in particular can be set really well.

  1. Mark your desired cut-out on the front and back of your tile.
  2. Now you can cut along these marks from the back.
  3. You have to be careful not to cut too deep (too close) in the corner area of ​​the mark. Otherwise you enlarge the recess and have a hole that is much too big.

Craftsman cutting tiles

You can find detailed instructions in this guide:

Guide: Cut holes in tiles with the angle grinder

3. Conclusion - It is not difficult to drill a large hole in a tile.

Drilling a large hole in a tile isn't rocket science if you have the right tools and machines at hand. There are also practical alternatives so that every self-respecting DIY enthusiast should be able to do it.

Thank you for reading. We would be very happy to receive a comment.

Happy success, Jürgen Kleis

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