Which drill for sockets?

This is how you find the right drill bit for drilling sockets

Choosing the right drill bit for socket drilling is not difficult. A drill bit with a diameter of 68 mm or 82 mm is always required. Depending on the type of material, a different socket bit can be used.

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Types of socket drill bits

Each material group has different requirements for the drill bit.

The four most popular types are:

1. Diamond box bits for concrete, stone and masonry

Diamond Socket Bit product image

This drill bit is ideal for drilling many holes. If you want to install sockets in concrete, stone or masonry, a diamond socket drill is the right choice.

2. Core bit for masonry, stone and thin concrete

Hollow drill bit as a socket drill

If you only want to drill single holes in masonry, stone, or thin concrete, a core bit is your best option. It enables precise drilling and creates clean holes.

3. Diamond tile drill bit

If you want to drill sockets in tiles, you need a special diamond-coated tile drill bit. These drill bits are designed to precisely penetrate tile material without damaging it.

68mm socket drill bit for tiles

4. Hole saw for wood

A hole saw is the right choice for drilling sockets in wood. It creates clean and precise holes in wooden surfaces.

With these four drill bits, you'll be able to drill almost any material around the house.

How do I choose the right diameter for my socket drill?

Choosing the right drill bit diameter is based on the type of outlet you want to install. Here are the recommended diameters for different socket types:

  • 68 mm used for setting sockets and switch sockets.
  • 82 mm is used when installing junction boxes.

Make sure you choose the diameter according to the socket size to ensure a custom-fit installation.

Pay attention to the machine compatibility when choosing your socket drill

Socket drills are available in different holders. Each drill bit for sockets comes with an M16 socket as standard. An exception is the M14 tile drill bit for angle grinders.

There are a number of adapters that can be fitted onto drill bits for maximum compatibility. Here are some common adapter types:

Make sure you're using the correct arbor for your drill to use the drill bit safely and effectively.

Summary - How to choose the right socket drill bit

  1. Make sure that the drill bit has the right diameter for your socket type.
  2. Make sure the drill bit is suitable for the material you want to drill into.
  3. Check the compatibility of the drill bit with your drill.

By following these steps, you can choose the right socket drill for your needs and have a safe and accurate installation.

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