The most popular tile drills according to Google

Overview of the most popular tile drills based on Google

We took the trouble to find out for you what the most popular searches on Google for tile drills are.

The search queries show that users do not attach great importance to brands.

Tile Drill popularity by search volume

Tile drill search volumes and brand inquiries

The most popular requests for a tile drill by search volume are:

keyword hardware store / brand Searches (month)
Tile drill Obi hardware store 390
Tile drill Hornbach hardware store 260
Würth tile drill brand 170
Tile drill Toom hardware store 170
Bosch diamond drill bit brand 140
Hilti tile drill brand 90
bauhaus hardware store 70

These are surprising results for us.

Information from search behavior

Essentially, it can be seen that the user does not prefer any brand. In the end, the only thing that matters is excellent quality.

Give the Iynx Tools diamond tile drill a chance!

Diamond drill bits for tiles and fine stoneware product image. HEX diamond tile drill bits from Iynx Tools for drilling tiles with the power drill

Advantages of the iynx Tools tile drill

Our diamond drill bits for tiles are of excellent quality and do particularly well in a price-performance comparison.

In order to be able to bring this closer to you, we have set up a special page with our tile drills in the test . There you will find all information about:

  • Performance

  • service life (lifetime)

  • test procedure

  • Compared to other diamond tile drill bits

We would be very happy to have you as our new customer.

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