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Cutting lawn edging stones with the Flex - That's how it's done

The Flex is the ideal machine for cutting lawn curbs. A guide with tips & tricks.

 Difficulty: Easy | Costs about 20-50 euros | Workload : approx. 5-20min

Lawn curbs are best for:

In order for the lawn edging stones to fit perfectly into the environment and create a coherent overall picture, they usually have to be cut to size.

Lawn curbs cut and processed as a garden path

Cutting lawn edging is not difficult and can be done by anyone with access to an angle grinder.

In this article you will learn:

  • How to cut lawn curbs with the Flex (angle grinder).
  • what you at cutting stones have to consider
  • The different types of cuts when laying lawn edging stones


1. What type of flex is best for cutting lawn curbs?

Before cutting lawn edging stones, you should be sure that your flex (angle grinder) is capable of doing it.

Due to the Due to the hardness of the rock from lawn edging stones, not every flex is able to cut them.

The flex should have these properties:

1.1 Performance

A powerful, high-wattage flex is ideal for cutting lawn curbs quickly and accurately.

- 125mm flex minimum performance 1200 watts
- 230 mm large flex minimum power 2000 watts

1.2 Pay attention to additional protection when cutting lawn stones

A Flex should be fitted with a protective hood to prevent injury. When cutting lawn edging stones, individual pieces of stone can come loose and fly around. In combination with a high speed, this can lead to minor injuries.

Flex with protective hood - To protect against chipping when cutting curbs

1.3 weight

A heavy tool can quickly become tiring when cutting lawn curbs. A lighter flex is often the better choice here, as lawn edging stones are usually not laid individually and often many have to be cut in one piece.

2. What is the right tool for cutting lawn stones?

Pictures of the right tools for cutting stones - A universal or stone cutting disc for the angle grinder is best

You can't cut your lawn curbs without the right tools.

The only clean and efficient way to cut lawn curbs with the Flex is to use a 125 mm diamond cutting disc . When buying, make sure that it is specially designed for cutting stones. In an emergency, you can also use a universal washer.

Image of a diamond cutting disc for stone

3. Instructions: How do you properly cut lawn edging stones with the Flex?

Guide to flexing stones - All information about cutting stones with the angle grinder

After choosing the right flex, you can start cutting your lawn curbs. Follow the steps below to get the best results.

Step 1: Measure and Mark Lawn Curbs

Measure the required dimensions exactly and transfer them to your stone. Make sure to measure accurately.

Lawn Curbs Measure and transfer dimensions for a precise cut

Step 2: Security

Use the following protective equipment to prevent yourself from injuries when lawn curb stones as best as possible:

  • safety goggles
  • working gloves
  • ear protection
  • protective hood

Use protective equipment when cutting curbs - picture of hearing protection, respiratory protection etc.

Step 3: Cutting

1. Place the lawn edging stone on a flat surface where you cannot cut into the ground. It's best to leave them on one cobblestone or one concrete slab easily survive.

2. Install the 125mm stone diamond blade on your flex.

3. Plunge the cutting disc into the edge area of ​​the stone and cut along the marked cutting edge.

4. Be careful not to apply too much pressure to keep the blade stable and straight.

Step 4: Rework

Check the cutting edge after cutting the lawn edging stone. If necessary, you can edge the edge with a 125 mm diamond cup wheel for the angle grinder regrind.

Produktbild Diamond cup wheel for stone grinding with the angle grinder

4. Are there any helpful tips and tricks when cutting lawn edging stones?

The picture shows a garden path where the lawn edging stones have been cut

Here are some tips to make cutting lawn edging easier and more effective with the Flex:

4.1 Use a flex diamond blade

A diamond blade is ideal for cutting hard materials such as stone, concrete or granite. You can purchase such a cutting disc from us for as little as €14.90.

4.2 Cut in dry weather

Gardening is uncomfortable when it rains. It can also lead to unnecessary and uneven cuts. So just wait until the sun shines and gardening is more fun again.

Gardening - cutting curbs (lawn curbs) when the weather is nice

More guides for cutting lawn edging stones

5. Lawn curbs and curbs up miter (cut 45 degrees)

A popular shape for laying lawn edging stones is the pyramid shape. It provides variety and may even be necessary at one point or another.

When miter cutting, there is not really anything special to consider. The cut can be set normally, as described above.

Lawn edging mitred (45 degrees)

Our TIP: Use a protractor or another tool that allows you to transfer a clean 45 degree angle.

6. Cut lawn curbs without flex

If you don't have a flex with a matching 125mm Diamond Cutting Disc we would like to show you some alternatives. With these you get very similar results when cutting your stones.

The most popular alternatives to lawn edging without the Flex are:

hammer and chisel

With a hammer and a chisel, you can knock off the lawn edging piece by piece in the direction of the desired cutting edge. This method is rather tedious and can only be used for individual lawn edging stones.

Cutting lawn curbs with a hammer and chisel - craft

wet cutting table

The wet cutting table can be used to cut many different materials. It is rather unlikely that you will have one available. However, it is ideal for cutting lawn curbs.

stone cracker

With a stone cracker you can split your lawn edging stones along the desired cutting edge. It is a popular and extremely effective method. It is mainly used when laying paving stones. It's not quite as precise as cutting lawn edging stones with the Flex (angle grinder), but it's an option worth mentioning.

Split lawn curbs with the stone splitter - alternative to cutting curbs with the Flex

7. Have lawn curbs cut

The picture shows how a specialist cuts the curbs to size with a professional stone saw

If you like your curbs (lawn curbs) at one of the popular hardware stores OBI , Hornbach or Toom , you can usually have them cut to size on site.

Unfortunately, we don't know if this is possible for individual stones, but it should certainly be possible for a larger number. Unfortunately, we could not find out any information about additional costs.

8. Conclusion - Cutting curbs is not that difficult

Cutting lawn curbs can be a strenuous job, but with the right machines and tools, curbs can be cut cleanly, quickly, and precisely.

The Flex is the best choice for cutting lawn curbs quickly and precisely. However, there are also great alternatives if you can't fall back on a flex. Follow the steps and tips above to cut a clean and precise edge.

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