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Miter tiles (45°) - Masterful miter cuts like a tiler

Tile cutting disc when cutting tiles

Mitering tiles is not difficult! We'll show you how it's done and which machines and tools you need for the jolly cut.

Difficulty: Easy-Medium | Costs: approx. 15-50 euros | Workload: approx. 10 minutes per tile

Our Experience: Miter cuts are an excellent way to cleanly and precisely join tiles at an angle.

This guide provides a comprehensive guide to using miter cuts on various tiling projects, from choosing the right tools and machines to step-by-step instructions on different techniques.

Application examples for miter cuts are:

  • Lay tiles in the window area

  • Cleanly connect bathtub corners

  • Laying large format tiles without tile strips

Table of contents

    1. The most important question: Would you like to connect your tiles seamlessly or would you rather hide them behind a tile strip?

    An image for a direct comparison of laid tiles with a miter cut or a tile border

    Our opinion: It's in the eye of the beholder.

    In general, a trend can be seen that miter cuts are being used more and more frequently for full format tiles. For me personally, tiles that are seamlessly connected are the much nicer option.

    • They create a nicer overall picture
    • No gold or silver elements as a disruptive factor
    • Full format tiles only come into their own with a miter cut
    • Ideal for high-quality natural stone tiles made of granite and marble.

    1.1 The only downside to miter cuts

    The only downside to miter cuts is that if done improperly they can lead to problems such as water ingress (water damage) , so it's important to use the right technique and tools.

    Expert tip from the tiler: You should therefore prepare as best you can before making miter cuts. For one, you should make test cuts. On the other hand, it is important to use a high-quality diamond cutting disc for tiles or especially for fine stoneware .

    Jolly cut - miter tiles with the angle grinder

    Can you miter tiles yourself?

    Yes, definitely.

    However, in my opinion, you should have the patience or experience to do this.

    Our experience: Cutting tiles at 45 degrees is much easier with a tile cutting table than with an angle grinder.

    2. Various methods at a glance

    Image of two methods to miter tiles. First, a handyman with a tile cutting wheel and a flex. Second, a craftsman with a professional machine tile cutter

    We would like to show you the different methods you can use to miter your tiles in your home.

    Please note that these depend on your experience and local conditions.

    2.1 - 45 degree (angle) Miter tiles with the angle grinder

    Banner picture - Guide: Cutting tiles with the angle grinder (flex)

    Read here what you should consider when cutting tiles with the angle grinder, including instructions, tips and tricks.

    A very popular method of making miter cuts is to use an angle grinder and a suitable cutting disc.

    An oblique cut is made along the edge tile, at a 45 degree angle, on the non-visible back of the tile.

    2.2 Which materials and tools do I need for tile miter cuts?

    • angle grinder of your choice

    • A diamond blade for tiles that meets the material requirements.

    • A way to “jack up” your tiles

    125mm Tile Cutting Disc product image

    Particularly important: We strongly recommend that you make a few test cuts in tiles that are no longer required. You should also note that the angle grinder usually cannot deliver 100% perfect cutting results.

    Starting slightly below the edge, cut from one end of the tile to the other and sand down the remaining millimeters with a diamond sanding pad .

    2.3 Tips & Tricks for the miter cut

    1. One tip is to generously cover the tile edges with silicone after laying. This should match the color palette of your tiles. You can dye the silicone with the color of your choice.

    2. In addition, grind a small natural "predetermined breaking point" with a diamond grinding pad on the edge of the tile. It should be a maximum of 3mm wide in order not to change the appearance.

      This method effectively prevents chipping.

    3. Step by step instructions for the Flex

    1. Roughly clean tiles and place them within reach
    2. Mount the 125 mm diamond cutting disc for tiles on the angle grinder
    3. Allow the edge to be processed to protrude slightly from the tile

      Application image: Allow the tile to protrude slightly when mitering
    4. Set the angle grinder just below the edge at a 45 degree angle
    5. Make a miter cut (jolly cut).
    6. Sand off tile edges with a diamond sanding pad (for machine or hand use). Click here for the article Sanding tiles and fine stoneware edges correctly.

    3.1 User video - Craftsman cutting a miter cut in tiles

    3.2 Mitering tiles with the tile cutting table

    Guide: Cut tiles with the wet cutter

    The wet cutting table is ideal for large format tiles . It guarantees you the best results when cutting tiles at 45 degrees.

    It also makes sense to use this for a large number of tiles. You can also use the wet cutting table to cut tiles without dust . In our opinion, it makes sense to use the tile cutting table for a cutting length of more than 10 meters.

    iynx Tools Tip: The cutting length results from the addition of the tile length.

    We recommend using a diamond cutting disc that is designed for wet tile cutting.

    By the way: Many of the tile cutting tables already come with an integrated water connection.

    3.3 This gives you these advantages:

    • Increased service life
    • dust binding. No unnecessary dust development
    • Prevents tile edges from chipping off unnecessarily and saves you working time sanding the edges of tiles.

    4. Step-by-step instructions for mitering tiles with the wet cutter

    1. Clean tiles and place them within reach
    2. (Wet cut) Attach the tile cutting disc to the tile cutting table according to the instructions
    3. Move the tile cutting table to the 45 degree position / jolly cut function
    4. Turn on the water supply and switch on the machine
    5. Work on tiles - often by pressing or pulling along the diamond cutting disc - follow the instructions
    6. If necessary, sand tile edges (often not necessary)

    5. Alternative: Have tiles already mitred by a specialist retailer.

    If you already take miter cuts into account when planning your bathroom, you can have them cut to size directly at the tile specialist shop or the wholesaler (often free of charge) on request.

    This saves an enormous amount of time and effort. From a certain purchase quantity, this should be possible without major problems.

    One request is often sufficient for this. Experience has shown that this is not included in the price of the cheapest providers.

    Miter tiles - price?

    If the tile dealer does not offer you the miter cuts for free, you can expect a price of around 4 euros per meter.

    6. Summary - You can miter tiles yourself.

    It is quite possible to carry out these steps yourself in order to save money at home. You will also be rewarded with a unique tile look.

    Prerequisites are often:

    • Acquire sufficient experience or knowledge
    • Get the right tools and machines - angle grinder, cutting table and diamond cutting disc
    • Scheduling additional material for failed attempts

    6.1 FAQ - Frequently asked questions about mitering tiles

    1. What type of tile is best for miter cuts?

    Miter cuts can be applied to most types of tile including ceramic , porcelain, marble and glass tile. Choose a tile that is easy to cut and match.

    2. Can I miter tiles with a tile cutter?

    A tile cutter is primarily designed to cut tiles straight and typically does not offer miter cutting capability. It is therefore advisable to use a miter cutter for this particular type of cut.

    3. Can I miter materials other than tiles?

    Yes, the miter cut can also be used for other materials such as wood, plastic or metal. Make sure you use the right tools and techniques for the material at hand.

    4. How can I prevent the tile from chipping when cutting?

    The most effective way to prevent chipping is to grind the edge of the tile at a slight angle. A "predetermined breaking point" is thus created. More on this in the guide: Cut tiles cleanly

    7. Other helpful guides on this topic:

    - Cutting Tiles - The ultimate guide with tips and tricks for all popular methods and machines.

    - Cut fine stoneware tiles with the angle grinder

    - Cut patio slabs on tile basis

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