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Cut paving stones yourself - Masterful results

Stone cutting disc in use

Cutting Paving Stones Isn't Difficult - A Guide With Instructions And Details Of Equipment And Tools Needed

Difficulty: Easy | Costs: from 15 euros | Workload: approx. 30 minutes

Paving stones are an extremely versatile and, in our opinion, the most popular option for creating:

  • Because around the house
  • terraces
  • driveways and parking lots

Every laying plan also includes the shortening and cutting of paving stones in the desired shape.

In this guide we give you helpful tips and instructions for cutting paving stones, explain the necessary tools and machines and show you how to do this job efficiently and safely.

Craftsman cutting and laying paving stones in the garden for a garden path

Difficulty: Easy | Costs for 20m²: from 15€ | Workload for 20m²: approx. 2 hours


1.1 What are the most common applications when cutting paving stones?

  • Measure the paving stones in the edge area
  • Cut paving stones over a large area
  • Cut paving stones round

Laying a paving stone surface is a proven and inexpensive way to fix the desired surface over a large area.

1.2 Granite stone or concrete block pavers are most commonly used for:

  • parking spaces

  • sidewalks

  • downtown area

  • In the garden area such as garden paths

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2. What types of cobblestones are there and is it better to cut or crack them?

Paving stones come in many different shapes and can be made from different materials.

These include:

It is not always advantageous to cut a paving stone to size by cutting it.

That doesn't mean it's not possible. Only considering the time required may make more sense to break a stone.

With the following table we give you our assessment of whether a paving stone should be cut or cracked.

type of stone

Cut or crack?

concrete paving stone


Claystones: brick and clinker

Rather cut

Made of natural stone

Rather crack

granite stone Both

3. What are the most common ways to cut paving stones?

Working according to a laying pattern also means that the paving stones have to be cut, shortened or cut to size in some places, especially at the edges.

The following are best suited for this:

  1. The small angle grinder - Excellent for single cuts and for round cutting paving stones.

  2. The large angle grinder - The Large Flex is ideal for cutting paving stones made of hard natural stone and granite. The extra engine power might be needed.

  3. The Cutting Table - The cutting table is the best method to cut a large amount of cobblestone considering the cost-time factor. In addition, the cutting table achieves the cleanest cutting results due to the use of water.

3.1 Advantages and disadvantages of the individual methods from our point of view

method Advantages Disadvantages
Angle grinder with 125 mm diamond disc - Suitable for thin paving stones (up to 5 cm) - Generates a lot of dust
- No water needed -
- Easy to use and readily available - Limited cutting depth
- Inexpensive
Large angle grinder with 230 mm diamond disc - Suitable for thick and hard pavers - Generates a lot of dust
- Deeper cutting surface compared to 125 mm diamond blade - Often wired, which can limit mobility
- Can be borrowed or bought at the hardware store
cutting table - Ideal for large area or large quantities of pavers - Noisy during operation
- Most accurate method for perfect results - Requires a water connection for cooling
- Integrated water cooling for optimal cooling and dust binding

- Can be rented for little money

Image of a stone saw cutting paving stones with a stone cutting disc

4. How do I calculate my paving needs before cutting?

With the help of a laying plan of your area, you can plan the cutting of paving stones better. Be careful not to make any unnecessary cuts. That saves real money.

Depending on the laying pattern, more or less waste must be expected. We have created a cobblestone requirement calculator. With this you can calculate the required amount of paving stones based on the length and width of your area.

Try Cobblestone Calculator by Iynx Tools. With weight in tons, number of paving stones and the number of square meters

4.1 Paving stones must be cut with a diamond cutting disc

The best and probably fastest way to cut stones is to use a diamond blade.

This is available for every machine and works cleanly, quickly and reliably.

Banner Blog Post Cutting paving stones - Craftsmen cutting paving stones with an angle grinder

5. What tools and machines do I need to cut paving stones?

  1. Protective equipment - safety shoes, safety goggles, hearing protection, dust protection (FFP3 mask)

  2. Machine - your choice of angle grinder or table saw

  3. Diamond cutting disc for stones of your choice

  4. Chalk, pen or scratch marker to mark the cut edge of the paving stones

  5. Jacking Option - Material should be able to overhang to prevent cutting into the substructure

  6. If available, use an extraction hood for cutting discs on the angle grinder.

Our professional tip: When cutting paving stones with the angle grinder, you should definitely attach the additional handle for the Flex. It ensures significantly less vibration and helps you to make particularly straight cuts.

6. Cutting paving stones with the angle grinder - instructions

Almost anyone who dares to do it can cut cobblestones. I can give you the advice to practice again on a test piece before cutting, if you have never done this work yourself.


  • An angle grinder with a 125 mm diamond cutting disc can cut paving stones with a maximum thickness of 5 cm
  • The cutting discs are usually designed for dry cutting. No water is needed.

  • A large amount of dust will be generated. To avoid trouble with the neighbors, we recommend that you inform them about your plans beforehand.

Application video for cutting paving stone:

6.1 Step-by-step instructions for flexing the paving stone

  1. Place cobblestones within reach.

  2. If necessary, we recommend that you mark the cut edge with a scratch pen, a pen or chalk using a ruler.

  3. Attach the diamond cutting disc to the angle grinder.
    Pro tip: Directional arrows are marked on the cutting wheel. Please make sure to mount the disc correctly.

  4. If possible, place the paving stones in such a way that the desired cut edge protrudes slightly.

  5. Pick up the angle grinder. Increase the number of revolutions and dip into the edge area with the cutting disc. We recommend that you do not cut directly into the entire stone but first make a cut along the marking. This gives you optimal guidance that makes cutting much easier for you.

  6. Cut through the paving stone piece by piece with light pressure.

6.2 Cut paving stones with the large Flex and a suitable 230 mm diamond disc

Banner Blog Post Cutting Paving Stones - Craftsman with a great flex cutting a paving stone

The large Flex is suitable for particularly hard or thick paving stones made of natural stone or in XXL format.

With the 230 mm diamond blade you have a larger and deeper cutting surface compared to the 125 mm diamond cutting disc .

You can rent or buy the large Flex (motor cutting saw) for little money at a hardware store.

As a rule, these machines are very powerful and therefore wired.

The instructions and tools are the same as described above.

7. How do I cut pavers with the cutting table?

The cutting table is the tool of your choice if you have to cut a large area or a large amount of paving stones. This is the most accurate method to get perfect results.

Cut cobblestones with a table saw and a diamond cutting disc

This is required:

  • Protective equipment consisting of safety shoes, safety goggles, hearing protection, dust protection (FFP2 mask)

  • Cutting Table - Can be rented for little money.

  • When selecting the diamond cutting disc for the cutting table, pay attention to the required diameter. We can tell you: the bigger the machine, the bigger the disc. You can probably find the exact dimensions of the diameter and bore (mount) in the technical data sheet.

  • I recommend you to attach the cut edge with a scratch pen. Other types of marking could disappear due to the use of water on the cutting table.

  • Water connection for cooling during the cutting process

7.1 Instructions for cutting paving stones with the cutting table

Similar to a flex, the cutting table drives a diamond disc.

However, this is fixed and the paving stones have to be moved towards the saw blade.

An integrated water cooling ensures optimal cooling and ideal dust binding. Remember to let your neighbors know as there may be noise.

7.2 Step by step:

  1. Connect and open water cooling

  2. Mount the diamond disc. I recommend you start a test run and check whether the diamond cutting disc is running properly and the water function is working properly.

  3. Place cobblestones on the track.

  4. Push the material towards the saw blade with the pusher and cut along the marked line.

8. Can I cut paving stones round?

Curves are cut relatively often in paving stones. This is especially the case when paving stones need to be adapted to a path, house or garden.

The most effective method of cutting round is the angle grinder. It is powerful and particularly handy. From my experience I can tell you that with a little practice you can even cut a circular hole with the angle grinder.

Curves are cut into the paving stone to adjust in the corner area. Handyman laying a paving stone garden path

8.1 Instructions for cutting paving stones round

  1. Transfer the curve as best as possible. Make sure that the paving stones are not crooked. This would lead to wrong cut edges.

  2. It is best to use a compass. You can also easily build this yourself with a piece of string and a pen.

  3. Run along the round cutting edge with the flex and a diamond disc without much pressure. Pro Tip: Hold the angle grinder at a slight angle.
  4. Gradually deepen the cut and cut through if possible

  5. Note: If you are not able to cut through the cobblestones directly, you can cut them as deeply as possible into the starting and ending points on the back.
    As a further orientation you can make a cross cut in the middle. This will help you to better recognize the already existing deepening. The back could be affected and doesn't look perfect, but that's not a problem since you don't see it anyway.

9. Is dry cutting paving stones forbidden?

In general, the law prohibits excessive exposure to dust when cutting stones . Even when cutting paving stones. This can be fined if reported. However, our stone cutting discs are designed for dry cutting of paving stones.

FAQs - Frequently asked questions about cutting paving stones

  1. How can I prevent my cobblestones from splitting when I cut them?
    You should ensure that you are using the correct tool and cutting techniques and that you are cutting the pavers carefully and evenly.

  2. Should I use an angle grinder or a stone saw to cut pavers?
    A stone saw is the best tool for cutting paving stones, but an angle grinder can also be used if fitted with a diamond blade.

  3. Can I reuse used pavers?
    Yes, used pavers can be cleaned and reused as long as they are still in good condition.

  4. Can I cut cobblestones with a hammer and chisel if I don't have access to a stone saw or angle grinder?
    Yes, but splitting by hand takes significantly more time and effort than cutting with a stone saw or angle grinder.

  5. Can I cut pavers myself or should I hire a professional?

    You can cut cobblestones yourself if you use the right tools, cutting techniques and follow the precautions. However, if you are unsure or need to cut a large amount, it may be advisable to hire a professional.

  6. How long does it take to cut paving stones?

    The time depends on the number of bricks to be cut and the type of tool you are using. You can cut cobblestones faster with a table saw than with a hammer and chisel or an angle grinder.

  7. How can I make sure the cut pavers fit the shape I want?

    You should carefully measure and mark the stones before cutting. It's also a good idea to lay the paving stone over the desired area before cutting to ensure it fits.

  8. What to cut paving stones with?

    Cobblestones can be cut using a Stone Cutting Disc. Depending on the diameter, an angle grinder, cut-off grinder or table saw can be used.

If you have any further questions about cutting paving stones, we are at your disposal.

We would be delighted to receive any comments or suggestions of any kind.

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