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Collection: Tile drill bit - M14 drill bit for tiles for the angle grinder

Buy tile drill bit at iynx Tools. Available in all popular diameters such as 20mm, 35mm, 40mm, 50mm and 68mm. You can also buy special sizes from 100 mm to 130 mm.

Tile drill bit and diamond drill bit for tiles

Beim Hausbau müssen über 100+ Bohrungen in Fliesen gesetzt werden. Kleine Bohrlöcher werden mit Fliesenbohrern und große Bohrlöcher mit Bohrkronen für Fliesen gebohrt.

Große Löcher werden in Fliesen gebohrt

Diamond tile drill bits are ideal for drilling large holes in tiles

We carry all diameters of tile drill bits from 6 mm - 130 mm for drilling tiles. In particular, the most common diameters for very common drill holes:

Einsatzgebiete der Bohrkrone für Fliesen - Wasserhahn, Steckdosen Löcher, Abflussrohre im Badezimmer

Areas of application for tile drill bits

Tile drill bits are suitable for a variety of tile drilling applications, such as drilling holes for water pipes or sockets in tile or ceramic walls.

They are also indispensable for installing bathroom and kitchen fittings or for hanging shelves in tiled walls.

Sechs Fliesenbohrkronen im Alukoffer als Set

Advantages of a diamond core bit for tiles

  • Precise drilling: Thanks to the diamond particles in the tile drill bit, drilling holes in all hard tiles is no problem. There is no fraying, chipping or other damage.
  • High cutting performance: The diamond particles ensure high cutting performance, so that even harder materials can be drilled.
  • Longevity: A tile drill bit made of hardened steel and set with diamond particles is particularly robust and durable, which has a positive effect on the service life of the tool.
  • Drilling tiles dry: No additional water is required to drill tiles. Due to the high-quality diamond particles, the tiles can be drilled dry. In the case of unusually hard porcelain stoneware, a little water can be added to the drilling site to improve drilling performance.
Fliesen Bohrkronen Set - Produktbild

Buy tile drill bits in a set

A tile drill bit set is an indispensable tool for professional tilers, which has a number of advantages:

  • The set offers a wide range of diameters that cover all essential work steps.
  • Save up to 35% compared to the RRP when buying a drill bit set for tiles.
  • The set also includes a sturdy aluminum tool case that ensures optimal protection for your tools.

FAQ tile drill bit

What is a tile drill bit, tile hole saw, tile hole drill?

A tile drill bit is a special drilling tool that has been specially developed for drilling holes in hard tiles such as ceramic, porcelain stoneware or natural stone. A core bit is always used when the diameter is over 16 mm.

How does an angle grinder drill bit for tiles work?

A tile drill bit is mounted on an angle grinder and then placed on the material to be drilled. The rotary movement of the diamond drill bit for tiles drills quickly and precisely into the material, creating clean drill holes without fraying.

Is it difficult to use a tile drill bit with an angle grinder?

The big challenge is to place the diamond drill bit at the right angle at the right moment. You should also make sure that the diamond tile drill bit does not slip across the tile and cause damage. Here you will find helpful tips & tricks for drilling tiles with a tile hole drill.

  • drilling tiles

    To drill tiles, you need the right carbide tile drill bit for soft tiles or a diamond drill bit for hard tiles.

  • Harte Feinsteinzeug Fliesen bohren mit dem Akkuschrauber und einem Diamant Fliesenbohrer

    drilling porcelain stoneware

    Drilling porcelain stoneware requires a diamond drill bit for hard tiles.

  • Ein Heimwerker beim Granit Küchenarbeitsplatte bohren mit einem Diamantbohrer für harte Fliesen

    Drill granite tiles

    Tiles and slabs made of granite must also be drilled with a diamond tile drill due to the risk of damage.

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