Diamond Cutting Disc Expiry Date - Recognize

Iynx Tools professional diamond cutting discs

Does a diamond cutting disc have an expiry date?

A diamond cutting disc has no expiry date. In contrast to a normal cutting disc, no synthetic resin adhesive is used.

All components are made of high-quality and durable materials that are complex and firmly connected to each other.

Structure of a diamond cutting disc and its components

When is a diamond cutting disc worn out?

A diamond cutting disc is worn out when an effective cut can no longer be made. This usually happens when the diamond segment is used up after its average running time of 120 hours.

In extreme cases, only a few MM of the diamond segments can remain.

Special case: wear and tear due to overheating

The diamond segment of a diamond disc is provided with high-quality diamond particles. These are usually extremely robust but not indestructible.

Under extreme conditions, these can wear out prematurely or become unusable. You can tell by a blue / purple discoloration of the diamond segment.

If this discoloration only occurs in a single spot, it is quite possible that the diamond cutting disc is still able to cut the material.