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Cutting tiles - the most important guides

There are a few basic methods that are used 95% of the time when laying tiles.

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FAQ - Tile cutting

What is the best way to cut tiles?

To cut tiles cleanly and precisely, different tools are recommended, depending on your needs and level of experience. The classic tile cutter is a popular choice for straight cuts. Here, the tile is brought to the desired size and then cut along a pre-drawn line with a lever system or a wheel. This is particularly suitable for ceramic tiles.

How do I cut tiles without a tile cutter?

If a tile cutter is not available, you can use alternative methods. One option is to use a tile diamond blade to make precise cuts with an angle grinder and guide bar. A wet cut-off saw with a diamond disc can also be helpful, especially for natural stone tiles or thick materials.

What types of tiles can I cut with a Flex?

A flex with a diamond blade is versatile and suitable for different types of tiles . You can use it to cut ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles and natural stone tiles such as marble or granite. For particularly sensitive tiles, it is advisable to use the Flex at a low speed to avoid damage. Remember to always wear safety goggles and a respirator when cutting tile with a flex as the process can be dusty.

Which side to cut tiles on?

When cutting tiles, it is common to place the glaze side up when using a tile cutter. This enables a clean and precise cut edge, as the cutting wheel or cutting mechanism is gentle on the glaze side and the cut edge breaks less or frays. The unglazed backing is then pressed against the cutting surface to make the cut.

How do I cut glazed tiles?

Glazed tiles can be cut using a variety of methods. The easiest way is to use a straight cut glass cutter. Here the glazed side is placed upwards and the desired cutting line is scored with slight pressure. The tile can then be carefully broken along the score line.

Cutting disc for tiling

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Cutting Tiles - Applications

Tiles don't just have to be cut straight. There are a number of application examples where tiles are processed in other ways.

Additional tools for cutting tiles

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Cut more types of tiles

There are a number of different very popular types of tiles. Each of these tiles has a different composition. Therefore, cutting techniques and recommendations sometimes differ.