granite calculator

Granite Weight Calculator

Calculate the weight of your granite

With this practical granite weight calculator, you can easily calculate the weight of your granite slab based on CM information.

Please note that we use an average value. Depending on the granite structure, the actual weight can vary by up to 10% from the calculated value.

The basic principle applies:

The darker the granite, the heavier it is.

Determine granite density

Granite density can be determined by the color of the granite.

Light granite: 2700 kg

Average: 2850 kg

Dark granite: 3000 kg

Helpful advice for granite processing:

Practical tools for granite processing:

Granite often needs to be cut, sanded or drilled. We ask you to use the right tools for every application:

Diamond cutting disc for cutting granite

Diamond bits for granite bits

Diamond grinding pads for grinding or polishing granite