Our standard products at the best price!

At iynx Tools we are always keen to offer our customers the best products at the best possible price for their applications.

We work strictly according to a procedure that we develop and continuously optimize in order to be able to efficiently and successfully implement the requirements of our customers.

Standard Diamanttrennscheibe auf einer Feinsteinzeugfliese

1. Selection of standard products

We start by identifying basic tools that are essential for DIY enthusiasts and craftsmen. When making our selection, we make sure that the products have a solid basic quality and offer potential for improvement.

This includes:

Zahnrad mit Balken in der Mitte für das symbolisieren einer Optimierungsschleife

2. Optimization and Improvement

After selecting the basic products, we analyze them in depth to optimize their performance and quality. Through the targeted improvement of materials, design and functions, we create a convincing product that meets the high demands of our customers. This optimization loop is run through until our customer and we are satisfied with the result in terms of quality and price-performance of the product. We check this through constant analyzes and product tests.

Mehrere Diamanttrennscheiben mit unterschiedlichen Schneidsegmenten

3. Production & attractive prices

Large-scale production and attractive prices are two factors that are closely linked. By manufacturing diamond tools in large quantities, we can benefit from economies of scale that lead to a reduction in production costs. In addition, consistent quality and performance of the diamond tools can be guaranteed by producing in large quantities.

Satisfaction Guarantee

With this concept, we at iynx Tools guarantee that our customers always receive high-quality tools at fair prices without having to compromise on performance and durability.

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    Cost savings

    We rely on direct sales. Up to 50% savings compared to specialist retailers.

  • Diamantwerkzeuge Symbol für Garantie

    30 Day Money Back Guarantee

    We will refund you the full purchase price if you are not satisfied.

  • Diamantwerkzeuge Symbol für Beratung

    product advice

    We support you via Whatsapp , mail, phone and live chat.

  • Diamantwerkzeuge Symbol für Geld sparen (Prozent)

    Innovative subscription model

    With our subscription model, we have created a win-win situation for craft businesses.

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    High quality components

    Our diamond tools are characterized by an increased diamond density and a larger diamond segment height.

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    We share all findings, including product tests, with our customers.

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