In order to be able to offer you as a customer transparency and trust in our products, we have created this test page. Here you will find detailed information about our testing procedures and results of our diamond tools.

1. Why product testing?

A stable foundation

Product tests are essential for us to ensure the high quality of our diamond tools .

By regularly checking and optimizing our products, we not only guarantee their longevity, but also the satisfaction of our customers. Transparency and trust are key values ​​for us.

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2. Our testing procedure

Thorough, standardized and practical.

Our tests are conducted under controlled and standardized conditions to ensure meaningful results.

We make sure that the circumstances during the tests always remain the same - for example the machine used, the material from a batch and the number of revolutions. This is how we ensure that our tools are also convincing in practice.

Produk Text Kategorien bildlich dargestellt. Es ist eine Diamant-Schleiftopf, eine Diamant-Trennscheibe, eine Diamant-Bohrkrone und ein Diamant-Fliesenbohrer im Test zu sehen.

3. Test categories

Every product checked.

Discover our comprehensive reviews of the most popular diamond tool categories. We offer you detailed test reports and blog posts for our most important product categories.