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Steine werden geschnitten mit einer Diamant Trennscheibe

1. Cut stones

Stone cutting varies by application.

Different stone elements, stone types and a variety of available machines influence the cutting process.

We've researched over 50+ use cases and written in-depth guides for some of them

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Es ist ein Bild eines Granit-Steins nach dem Bohren zu sehen.

2. Drill stone

We would like to introduce you to stone drilling and focus in particular on drilling stone elements such as slate palisades, natural stone slabs and granite products. This keeps the topic clear. The stones are drilled in a variety of applications.

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Steine werden von einem Handwerker mit einem Winkelschleifer und einem Diamant Schleifpad geschliffen und poliert

3. Grind stones

In addition to being cut for further processing, stone can also be polished to a lustrous finish.

We present you with all methods - from rough to fine grinding - and the associated tools and machines.

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Heimwerker beim Stein bearbeiten und Pflasterstein velegen

4. Pflastersteine verlegen

Das Pflastersteine verlegen gehört zu jedem Haus oder Gewerbeimmobilie dazu. Wir haben dir hilfreiche Anleitungen für die Untergrundvorbereitung, dem verlegen und möglichen Verlegmuster zusammengestellt.

Pflastersteine verlegen

Processing stone - an overview

Stone is a versatile and strong material used in numerous construction and renovation projects. In this article we will explain why stone needs to be worked and the different techniques used when working stone.

We will focus on three main techniques:

  1. cutting stone
  2. drill stone
  3. grinding stone

Why stone needs to be worked

Stone needs to be worked to form different structures and surfaces, to make adjustments and repairs, or to prevent wear. Stone processing can be required in both house construction and industrial plants.

cutting stone

Stone cutting is a basic technique used to cut stone into desired shapes and sizes, or to create openings for doors, windows, and ventilation systems.

areas of application
Stone cutting is often used for the following applications:

  • Landscaping and garden design
  • facade work
  • Installation of utility lines
  • Restoration of stone structures

techniques and tools

There are several techniques and tools for cutting stone, including:

  • Diamond blades : for precise and fast cutting
  • Wire saws: for hard-to-reach areas and large cutting depths
  • Wall saws: for precise cuts in vertical surfaces

drill stone

Stone drilling is another important technique used for installing fixtures, pipes or electrical wiring in stone structures.

areas of application

Rock drilling is commonly used for the following applications:

  • Installation of railings and handrails
  • Anchoring of machines and devices
  • Installation of pipelines and cable ducts

drilling techniques and tools
Various techniques and tools are used when drilling rock, including:

  • Hammer drill bits: for smaller holes and less demanding applications
  • Diamond core bits : for precise and efficient drilling of large holes
  • Core drills: for drilling large diameter holes with precise edges

grinding stone

Stone grinding is a method to improve the surface finish of stone floors or walls or to remove imperfections and impurities.

areas of application

Stone grinding is often used for the following applications:

  • Preparing stone floors for laying tiles or carpets
  • Removal of bumps, paint or adhesives
  • Creating decorative surfaces such as polished stone

grinding techniques and tools

grinding techniques and tools
Various techniques and tools are used when grinding stone, including:

  • Hand sander: for smaller areas and detailed work
  • Floor grinders: for large areas and efficient grinding
  • Diamond grinding discs : for precise and even grinding

Stone processing in house construction

Various stone processing techniques are used in house construction in order to achieve the desired structures and surfaces.


When constructing foundations for houses and other buildings, stoneworking techniques must be used to ensure that the foundation is stable and level. This may involve cutting and drilling rock for installing rebar, laying pipework or installing anchor bolts.

walls and ceilings

Stone walls and ceilings also require finishing to create openings for doors and windows, to route plumbing and wiring, or to prepare surfaces for finishing. This can require cutting, drilling, and grinding of stone at various steps in the construction process.

Summary and conclusion of the stone processing

Stoneworking is an integral part of the construction and maintenance of buildings and infrastructure, both domestic and industrial. The three main techniques - stone cutting, stone drilling and stone grinding - allow the customization and finishing of stone structures for a variety of applications. By observing tips and safety instructions, stone processing can be carried out efficiently and safely.