Terrace slab calculator

With our terrace slab calculator, you can quickly and easily calculate the number of terrace slabs required for your building project.

Terrace tiles requirement calculator

Simply select the desired format and enter the length and width of the desired terrace area on which you want to lay the tiles.

Now all you have to do is get up "Calculate" click, and our terrace slab requirement calculator automatically determines the number of square meters and the theoretically required number of terrace slabs based on the selected format.

Please note, however, that the actual requirement may vary due to waste.

One Sketch or drawing with the desired panel layout can be helpful in determining needs.

Tip: In practice, a waste factor of around 10% has proven itself. Rely on our calculator to help you determine your natural stone patio tile needs.

A sketch of the terrace can help to calculate the need for terrace tiles