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Diamond cup wheel concrete 125 mm for the Flex

Diamond cup wheel concrete 125 mm for the Flex

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  • For angle grinders
  • For concrete

Frequently asked questions - Diamond cup wheel concrete 125 mm for the Flex

Kundenfrage: Wie schleife Beton mit dem Winkelschleifer und dem Winkelschleifer am besten?

iynx Tools Antwort: Beim Beton schleifen mit einem Winkelschleifer und einer 125 mm Diamant Topfscheibe ist es wichtig auf die richtige Ausführung zu achten. Die besten Ergebnisse werden dabei erzielt wenn du mit kreisförmigen Bewegungen vorgehst.

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Diamond concrete cup wheel 125 mm for the Flex - Maximum grinding performance for all concrete surfaces

Outstanding results when grinding concrete thanks to the double-row segment arrangement

Our diamond concrete cup wheel offers maximum grinding performance for all concrete surfaces. The double-row segment arrangement ensures excellent results, especially when grinding:

  1. fresh concrete
  2. old concrete
  3. concrete edge breaking
  4. concrete overhangs

Durability and precision for excellent grinding results

The high-quality bond and the heat-resistant solder connection guarantee an outstanding service life and excellent grinding results in all types of concrete, even with an angle grinder.

The cup wheel is dynamically balanced to reduce vibration and increase the removal rate and life of the concrete diamond grinding wheel .

Optimum occupational safety when grinding concrete with the angle grinder - inexpensive and efficient

Enormous amounts of dust are generated when grinding concrete surfaces.

  • The large extraction holes of the diamond cup wheel enable efficient dust extraction and improve occupational safety.
  • We strongly recommend using a suitable extraction hood to prevent inhalation of dust particles.

Extended application possibilities for different types of concrete

The versatile 125mm Diamond Concrete Cup Wheel for the Flex is ideal for a variety of concrete types including:

  • concrete walls
  • paving slabs
  • concrete walls

Diamond cup wheel - graphic representation of which materials can be ground

With 20 diamond segments arranged in a double row, the diamond cup wheel guarantees maximum stock removal and perfect results for every grinding project. Thanks to the universal 22.23 mm mount, the disc can be easily mounted and used on any flex or angle grinder.

Instructions for use when grinding concrete with the diamond cup wheel

Make sure to set the recommended speed of 12,200 rpm according to the table in the technical details to avoid uneven or defective damage to the concrete surface.

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Highlights Diamond cup wheel concrete 125 mm for the Flex

Langlebige 10 mm doppelreihige Diamant-Segmente

Ideal für Betonstöße, Frischbeton und Altbeton

Leistungsstarker und aggressiver Materialabtrag von Beton

Effektiv und kostengünstig: Optimales Betonschleifen mit der Flex

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Product Information Diamond cup wheel concrete 125 mm for the Flex

Technical details & areas of application

Diameter: 125mm
Recording: 22.23mm
Machinery: angle grinder, concrete grinder
Application: Grinds any type of concrete surface
Segment type: Premium Turbo segment sickle
shaped for increased removal and
suction power
segment height:

10 mm for maximum service life

Number of revolutions table of the diamond cup wheel

100mm 15,300 rpm
125mm 12,200 rpm
150mm 10,000 rpm
180mm 8,600 rpm

application areas

Grinding pattern and technical properties of the 125 mm diamond cup wheel for concrete:

concrete very suitable
screed well suited
Tile Adhesive & Mortar very suitable
natural stone well suited
Paints & Coatings conditionally suitable
Adhesive epoxy bitumen conditionally suitable
Half-timbering & wood not recommended
grit middle
micrograph smooth no rework
removal rate high removal


Beton schleifen mit der 125 mm Diamant Topfscheibe für Beton

  1. Montiere den 125 mm Diamant-Schleiftopf am Winkelschleifer.
  2. Installiere gegebenenfalls eine Absaugvorrichtung, um dich beim Schleifen vor Betonstaub zu schützen.
  3. Schalte den Winkelschleifer ein und positioniere ihn auf der Betonoberfläche.
  4. Bearbeite die Betonoberfläche in kreisförmigen Bewegungen und vermeide zu starken Druck.
  5. Achte auf ein gleichmäßiges Schleifen, um ein ungleichmäßiges Abtragen des Materials zu verhindern.

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You can find more interesting internal product tests on our product test page !

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