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Diamond tile drill flex & angle grinder

Diamond tile drill flex & angle grinder

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  • For tear-free drilling
  • For dry drilling
  • For tiles and slabs of any hardness
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  • Aufnahme: M14
  • Maschine: Winkelschleifer
  • Segment: Diamantsegment


Anwendung M14 Diamantbohrer für die Flex

  1. M14 Diamantbohrer für Fliesen auf dem Winkelschleifer schrauben
  2. Oberfläche der Wand- oder Bodenfliese gründlich abwaschen
  3. Stück Kreppband auf die Oberfläche kleben – zusätzlicher Schutz vor Absplitterungen
  4. Bei Bedarf mit einem Hartmetall-Fliesenbohrer anbohren.
  5. Diamantbohrer schräg (45 Grad) ansetzen und bei ca. 5000 U/min starten
  6. Wenn Diamantbohrer für Fliesen genügend Haftung aufgebaut hat, aufsetzen und Fliese durchbohren (siehe Produktvideo).
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  • Ausrissfreie Fliesen Bohrlöcher.

  • Niedrigste Kosten pro Bohrloch.

  • Erstklassiges Diamantsegment.

  • Hergestellt aus hochwertigem Werkzeugstahl.

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Diamond tile drill with M14 mount for the angle grinder & flex. For drilling large tile holes.

The flex and angle grinder M14 diamond tile drill is the ideal tool for installing all objects and sanitary installations in the bathroom where you have to drill hard tiles. Also available in a set.

The advantage of M14 tile drill bits is that they can drill holes in tiles no matter where the tile is mounted. Available in every imaginable diameter from 6 mm - 130 mm

Technical data tile drill for the Flex angle grinder:

Diameter: 5mm | 6mm | 8mm | 10mm | 12mm | 14mm | 16mm | 18mm | 20mm | 22mm | 25mm | 27mm | 28mm | 30mm
| 32mm | 35mm | 38mm | 40mm | 42mm | 45mm | 50mm | 55mm | 60mm | 65mm | 68mm | 72mm | 80mm | 82mm 90mm | 100mm | 110mm | 120mm | 130mm
Recording : M14 diamond tile drill bit
Machinery: angle grinder, flex
Application: For drilling holes of all kinds, ceramic, marble, granite,
porcelain stoneware, natural stone, floor tile,
tiles, granite stones
Segment type: vacuum coated | High diamond density
for the highest demands
segment width:
segment height: 10mm Optimized Diamond Segment
- Professional quality tile drill

Advantages of the M14 tile diamond core bit :

  • The 5mm - 14mm angle grinder diamond tile drill bits contain an integrated coolant. No additional cooling necessary.

  • Dry and wet drilling - the angle grinder diamond drill is able to dry drill any hard tile. Stone types such as fine stoneware, granite, natural stone, marble etc.

  • M14 diamond tile drill bit with increased service life due to precisely set diamond coating and increased diamond concentration

  • Self-sharpening diamond drill bit for the Flex - New diamond particles will gradually appear. So you always have great drilling results when setting your drill holes with an angle grinder.

  • The diamond tile drill is very easy to use. For beginners, we recommend drilling hard rock tiles with a drill.

  • Guaranteed clean drill holes without chipping. The diamond tile drill works the cleanest.

The Flex diamond tile drill is designed for these materials:

Diamond tile drill M14 for the angle grinder is designed for drilling these materials. Graphic representation. Drills porcelain stoneware, granite, marble, hard tiles

The tile drill is not designed for the building material behind it!

This angle grinder Flex M14 diamond core bit is an absolute professional product. Cannot be compared to hardware store quality. Incredibly tough compared to electroplated diamond tile drill bits.

TIP: Cool the Flex diamond drill bit for tiles briefly in cold water after each drilling operation. This also significantly increases the service life!

Angle grinder diamond drills in use:

Alternatives to an M14 diamond core bit for tiles

If you don't have an angle grinder at hand, we can offer you other tile drills and other alternatives to drilling holes in tiles.