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Measure diamond wheel wear

The wear of a diamond wheel can be measured relatively easily.

Difficulty: Easy | Costs: approx. 0 euros | Workload: approx. 2 minutes

The wear is to be determined by the wear of the diamond segments.

When cutting different materials, diamond segments can be stressed and worn to different degrees.

To do this, the height of the diamond segments must be measured before and after cutting.

Measure the wear of the diamond wheel with a measuring tape

Instructions: Measure diamond wheel wear

Step 1: Place a ruler or measuring stick at the connection point between the metal body and the diamond segment .

Step 2: In order to get a really good comparison for the wear, you should measure three different diamond segments before cutting and mark them. Note the values.

diamond segments height beginning height end
segment 1 ___ mm ___ mm
segment 2 ___ mm ___ mm
stage 3 ___ mm ___ mm

Step 3: After cutting, find the previously marked diamond segments and measure them again.

Step 4: Calculate the difference between the two values. From the first measured height of the diamond segments, subtract the values ​​taken in the second measurement. This gives you a difference that represents the wear of the diamond blade during cutting.

Counteract the wear of a diamond blade

There are a number of measures that can help prevent the diamond blade from wearing out prematurely.

Tips Image for increasing the service life of a diamond blade

1. Only use the diamond cutting disc for the material groups designed for it.

2. Do not put excessive pressure on the diamond blade

3. The use of water can protect the diamond cutting disc from overheating.


It is not difficult to measure the wear of a diamond blade. All you need is a tape measure of any kind.

You can also significantly increase the service life (service life) of your cutting disc with a few simple tips.

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