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Drilling through tiles correctly - everything you need to know

Tiles can be drilled in different ways.

Difficulty: Easy | Costs: approx. 15 euros | Workload: approx. 10 minutes

1. Drilling through tiles - tips and tricks

Bathroom tiles are drilled through with a glass and tile drill

Tile is a popular material in bathrooms and kitchens due to its water resistance and ease of maintenance.

But sometimes you have to drill holes through the tiles, for example to mount towel rails or shelves.

In this article you will learn everything you need to know about "drilling through tiles", including helpful tips and tricks.

2. How do I choose the right tile drill bit ?

Overview of different tile drill bits with carbide or diamond segment suitable for drilling through tiles

To drill through tiles, you need the right drill bit.

3. What are the most popular tile drill types?

Buy tile drill banner image

3.1 Diamond drill for tiles

Picture diamond drill set

Diamond drill bits are excellent for drilling through holes in hard materials such as tile and granite. The diamond tip enables precise and fast drilling without damaging the tile.

3.2 Glass drill

Glass drill and tile drill

Glass drill bits are specially designed for drilling through glass and ceramics. They have a special tip that easily digs into the material, allowing for precise drilling.

3.3 Universal drill or multi-purpose drill

Multi-Purpose Drill product image

Multi-purpose drills are designed to work in a variety of materials. However, they are less suitable for drilling through tiles, as they are less precise and increase the risk of tile damage.

4. How do I prepare the tile for drilling?

Before you start piercing, you should make some preparations:

4.1 Clean tile

Make sure the tile is clean and has no residue. Dirt of any kind could make piercing difficult and affect the result.

4.2 Marking the drilling site

To find the right place for the hole, there are various tools:

  • Phillips screwdriver

    A Phillips screwdriver is useful to carefully mark a small notch in the tile. This prevents the drill bit from slipping.
  • duct tape

    Alternatively, you can also stick a piece of adhesive tape on the tile and mark the desired drilling location on it. The tape also prevents the drill bit from slipping and protects the tile from scratches.

4.3 The drilling process

Once you've chosen the right drill bit and prepared the tile, you're ready to drill through. Follow this step-by-step guide:

  1. Insert the tile drill into the drill and set the speed to a low level.

  2. Position the drill on the marked spot, making sure the drill is at right angles to the tile.

  3. Start drilling slowly and only increase the speed once the drill bit is securely anchored in the tile.

  4. Drill carefully and evenly without applying too much pressure to avoid cracking the tile.

  5. Periodically withdraw the drill to clear the dust from the hole.

4.4 The cooling of the drill

Please note: the drill can get hot during the drilling process.

To avoid damage to the tile and the drill, you should cool the drill regularly. Use water or a special coolant for this.

4.5 Safety Instructions

Observe the following safety instructions when drilling through tiles:

  1. It is best to wear safety goggles and work gloves to protect yourself from injuries.

  2. Make sure there are no water or power lines running behind the tile.

  3. Use a drill with a depth gauge to prevent drilling through the wall.

6. Conclusion and other tips

Drilling through tiles is a demanding task that can be mastered with the right preparation, the right drill bit and a little practice.

Do-it-yourselfer drilling through tiles with a diamond tile drill

7. The most common questions when drilling through tiles

1. Can I use any drill bit to drill tile?

No, it is important to use the correct drill bit for the material. Diamond or glass drill bits are best for drilling tile.

2. How do I prevent the drill bit from slipping on the tile?

Use a Phillips screwdriver or tape to mark the drill location and prevent the drill from slipping.

3. Can I also drill in fine stoneware ?

Yes, but you will need a special porcelain stoneware drill bit or a diamond drill bit for this.

4. How deep should I drill into the tile?

The drilling depth depends on the thickness of the tile and the anchor used. Be careful not

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