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Cut Tiles Round - Create inside and outside curves

Tile cutting disc for cutting round tiles 125 mm mounted on an angle grinder

Cutting tiles round is not difficult. However, there are a few things to consider in order to reach your goal faster.

Difficulty: Easy | Costs: from 15 euros | Labor time: 15 minutes per tile

Round tile cutting Introduction

It doesn't matter if you're an experienced handyman, cutting tiles round is not impossible with the right instructions.

In this article you will learn how to cut tiles in a circle, including tips and tricks that will make cutting easier for you.

1. Cut the basics round when tiling

A craftsman cutting a tile in a semicircle with an angle grinder and a tile cutting disc

If you want to cut tiles round, you need the right tools and the right technique.

You need an angle grinder with a tile cutting disc and a template for the curve.

2. Step-by-step instructions for cutting an outside curve

A picture of a do-it-yourselfer who lays his own tiles and cuts them himself in DIY

Step 1: Preparation

First you need the following tools and materials:

Tile cutting disc when flexing tiles. 125 mm cutting disc diameter

  1. Angle grinder with diamond cutting disc
  2. goggles and gloves
  3. pencil and ruler
  4. Diamond sanding pad or sanding block
  5. Circle template or a round object as a template (e.g. a lid)

Step 2: Mark tile

Place the circle template or the round object on the tile and use the pencil to trace the curve you want along the template.

Make sure the mark is clearly visible.

Step 3: Cut round

Wear safety goggles and gloves and carefully cut out the curve along the marking with the angle grinder.

Our experience: Allow yourself enough time when cutting a curve. The most common mistakes come from rushing too much.

Step 4: Sand tile edges

After you've cut out the curve, use a diamond flex sanding pad or diamond hand sanding block to smooth the edges and remove any burrs.

Make sure the curve is even and there are no sharp edges.

Step 5: Lay the tile

Now you can lay the cut tile in the desired place. Make sure it fits snugly and there are no gaps.

3. The most effective way to create an inside curve is to drill a large tile hole

Cutting an inside curve can be a bit difficult.

The most effective way to create an inside curve is to drill a large hole in the tile.

It can be quite tricky to cut a curve inside a tile. This technique requires special skills and is not suitable for beginners.

But don't worry, there is a practical alternative!

By using a tile drill bit , you can easily create an inner curve with a diameter of up to 130 mm.

4. Tips and tricks for round cutting tiles

A picture of a do-it-yourselfer giving tips for cutting tiles into circles and half-circles to fit objects such as pipes and radiators

Here are some tips and tricks to make circular tile cutting easier and get an even better result:

Tip 1: Practice makes perfect

If you are new to circular tile cutting, practice on old or damaged tiles before attempting the actual project. This way you can refine your technique and avoid possible mistakes.

This is what the internet says: According to the Bosch Community Forum, the general opinion is that cutting tiles can be learned quickly.

Tip 2: Clean and sharp tools

Make sure your tools are clean and sharp. A blunt tile cutter or a worn diamond blade can result in inaccurate cuts and a messy finish.

Tip 3: Cool when cutting

When cutting with an angle grinder, the heat generated can damage the tile. To avoid this, cool the tile with some water while cutting.

Tip 4: Work slowly and in a controlled manner

Work slowly and with control as you cut the curve for a clean finish. A hasty approach can result in inaccurate cuts or even breakage of the tile.

Tip 5: Additional support

If you have trouble holding the tile while cutting, use a clamp or vise to hold the tile in place securely and securely.

5. Conclusion - Cutting a tile curve is not difficult!

Cutting tiles circularly takes practice and patience, but with the right preparation and tools, it's entirely doable. Follow these steps and you'll soon be able to cut tiles like a pro.

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