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Granitplatte schneiden - Eine umfangreiche Anleitung für Heimwerker.

Cutting granite slab - A comprehensive guide for do-it-yourselfers.

Cut granite slabs perfectly - the angle grinder or the wet cutter are the ideal machines for this DIY project!

Due to its hardness, resilience and aesthetic beauty, granite slabs are extremely popular for use in:

  • kitchens
  • baths
  • pieces of furniture

If you plan to make your own projects in the kitchen or bathroom with granite slabs, it is important to know how to cut them precisely.

Difficulty: Easy | Costs: from 20 euros | Workload: 20 minutes per tile

A do-it-yourselfer cutting granite with a diamond cutting disc for granite and an angle grinder

1. Cutting granite slabs - what needs to be considered?

Picture of a question mark - What things do I have to consider when cutting granite slabs?

1.1 Cutting granite slab - What you need to know in advance

Granite is a fascinating material that has been used indoors and outdoors for many decades. It is:

  • Hard
  • resilient
  • beautiful in its aesthetics.

But it is precisely this hardness that also poses a challenge when it comes to cutting. In addition, there is always a risk of damage when cutting granite.

2. The right tools for cutting granite slabs

Image of a diamond cutting disc for granite which is the only tool suitable for cutting a granite slab

2.1 The diamond cutting disc is the best cutting tool for granite slabs!

125 mm diamond cutting disc for granite. You can use it to cut a granite slab with the angle grinder

2.2 Why is a diamond blade absolutely necessary for cutting granite?

Well, diamond is the hardest material on earth and is ideal for cutting hard materials like granite.

Good to know: According to MOHS, diamond achieves the highest scratch hardness of 10. Granite achieves a scratch hardness of between 7 and 9.

Granite on the MOHS Hardness Chart

3. Cut granite slab - step-by-step instructions

A do-it-yourselfer cutting granite with an angle grinder and a 125 mm granite diamond cutting disc

Here is our guide with all the essential information for you on how to cut a granite slab without spending a fortune or risking your health.

3.1 Advantages of a diamond cutting disc when cutting granite slabs

Important: Cutting granite slabs is not an easy task.

They are extremely hard and resilient, making them an ideal material for kitchen worktops and flooring.

But it is precisely these properties that make them difficult to work with.

This is where the diamond cutting disc comes into play.

It has many advantages when cutting granite:

  1. Hardness: Diamond is the hardest natural material on earth. A diamond cutting disc can therefore easily cut through granite.
  2. Precision: Diamond cutting discs enable precise cutting. This is especially important if you need specific sizes or shapes.
  3. Efficiency: With a diamond cutting disc you can cut through granite quickly and efficiently. This saves time and energy.

    3.2 Cutting granite slab - machine selection

    Picture of machines that are suitable for cutting granite. An angle grinder and a table saw (wet cutter)

    Choosing the right granite slab cutting machine depends on a variety of factors, including your experience, the size of the project, and your budget.

    Here are two common options:

    3.3 Professional with the cutting table

    Professional wet saw for cutting granite slabs industrially and in trade

    A cutting table is a professional machine specially designed for cutting hard materials like granite.

    With a powerful engine and a large work surface, a cutting table enables precise and efficient work.

    This is the best choice if you regularly cut granite slabs or have a large project.


    • The best cutting edges
    • Additional cooling with water


    • Not available for DIY
    • Expensive investment

    3.4 Cutting granite at home with the angle grinder

    The best DIY machine for cutting granite - angle grinder

    An angle grinder is a versatile hand tool that can be used for cutting, grinding and polishing.

    Equipped with a diamond blade for granite , an angle grinder can also be used to cut granite slabs.

    This is a cheaper option and works well for smaller projects or occasional work.


    • Available for everyone
    • Inexpensive to buy from 20 €
    • Can be used indoors


    • Requires practice in use
    • Higher risk of chipped edges

    4. Step-by-step instructions for cutting a granite slab

    To precisely cut a granite slab, you should follow the step-by-step guide below:

    Step 1: Preparation

    Make sure your work area is well lit and ventilated. Wear the required protective gear, including goggles, gloves, and a respirator to protect yourself from granite dust.

    Step 2: Marking

    Mark the cutting line on the granite slab with a marker. Stick a piece of tape along the mark to stabilize the cut edge and prevent breakage.

    Step 3: Cutting

    Place the diamond blade at the beginning of the mark and start cutting carefully. Slowly and steadily guide the disc along the mark. Be careful not to apply too much pressure to avoid damaging the granite slab.

    Step 4: Post-Processing

    Once the granite slab is cut, you can smooth the cut edges with a diamond sanding pad.

    Abrasive pad for grinding granite

    Step 5: Cleaning

    Thoroughly clean the cut granite slab to remove dust and granite debris.

    5. Common mistakes when cutting granite slabs

    A do-it-yourselfer who scratches his head after making mistakes when cutting granite slabs

    5.1 Too much pressure when cutting

    One of the most common mistakes made when cutting granite is applying too much pressure. Yes, granite is hard.

    But with too much pressure you risk breaking (cracking) the plate.

    5.2 The wrong technique

    It is important to use proper technique when cutting a granite slab. This means working slowly and with steady pressure.

    6. Tips and tricks for cutting the perfect granite slab

    6.1 Practice makes perfect

    As with so many things in life, the same applies to cutting granite slabs: practice makes perfect!

    Iynx Tools recommends: Practice on a piece of scrap before attempting the actual project.

    6.2 Take care of your health

    Granite dust can be harmful if inhaled. Always wear a respirator when working with granite.

    7. Granite Slab Cutting FAQs

    1. Is it difficult to cut a granite slab yourself?

      Yes, it can be tricky, but with the right guidance and tools, it's definitely doable!

    2. What tools do I need to cut granite slabs?

      You will need a diamond blade for your type of machine, a ruler and safety goggles.

    3. How can I prevent my granite slab from breaking when cutting?

      It is important that you do not exert too much pressure and that you use the right technique.

    4. Can I cut a granite slab with a regular handsaw?

      No, you need a diamond cutter. A normal handsaw would not cut through the granite.

    5. What do I do if my granite slab breaks despite all precautions?

      Unfortunately, if your granite slab breaks, you cannot fix it. But you can use the fragments for smaller projects.

    8. Conclusion - Cutting a granite slab can be done by yourself with the right tools

    Image of a handyman after cutting his granite slab for the kitchen

    Cutting granite slabs can be a challenge, but with the right guidance, the right tools, and a little practice, you can do it yourself!

    Remember to always work safely and protect yourself from granite dust. Good luck with your project!

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