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Großformat Feinsteinzeug Fliesen schneiden - Handwerker beim schneiden von großen Feinsteinzeug Fliesen mit dem Winkelschleifer

Cutting large format porcelain stoneware slabs and large tiles

Cutting large format tiles is no problem with the right machines and tools.

Difficulty: Medium | Costs: approx. 20-80 euros | Workload: approx. 1.5 h

When laying large format tiles, it is particularly important to adapt them to the desired size beforehand. Cutting tiles can be difficult, especially when it comes to XXL or patio slabs.

In this article you will learn how to cut large format tiles to achieve the perfect result for your bathroom, kitchen or terrace.

Craftsman cutting large format tiles with the flex / angle grinder

1. Which tools and machines are best suited for cutting large XXL tiles?

Cutting large format tiles requires the right tool.

A tile cutter is a good choice if you only need to make a few cuts. However, a large format tile cutter is then required.

XXL tile cutter for large format tiles

However, if you have to cut a lot of large format tiles, an electric table saw can make the work and work much easier and shorten.

Tile saw for cutting large format tiles

You can also use an angle grinder with a diamond tile saw blade to make precise cuts.

Cut large format tiles with the angle grinder and a diamond tile cutting disc

2. Measure and transfer the dimensions to your large format tile very precisely:

Before you start cutting, you have to measure your desired dimensions very precisely. Measure the large format tile and transfer the desired shape.

Then mark the spot with a pencil or erasable marker.

An accurate transfer of the dimensions is particularly important so that your tile fits the wall after cutting.

Transfer dimensions when cutting large format tiles

3. How do I avoid chipping and chipping or undercuts when cutting large tiles?

When cutting large format tiles, there are often breakouts that can affect the appearance of your tiles.

In the worst case, it is even completely unusable.

To avoid chipping when cutting tiles with the angle grinder, you can mask the cut with a piece of adhesive tape. This can help protect the edge of the tile and prevent chipping.

Cut tiles without tearing

4. Which technique helps to cut large format tiles without fraying?

A master tiler cutting large format tiles with an angle grinder

Applying the correct technique per machine is critical to getting clean cut edges.

Our experience shows that when cutting tiles with a tile cutter, you should carefully press the breaker onto the tile to create a predetermined breaking point where the tile can be broken.

When using an electric tile cutter or angle grinder with a tile cutting disc, you need to work slowly and steadily to get precise cuts.

5. Protect yourself while cutting tiles

Cutting tiles can be dusty and therefore hazardous to health. Always wear safety goggles and a respirator to protect against dust particles.

Protect yourself with a respirator when cutting tiles

6. Practice on a broken or leftover piece of tile

Before you start cutting your large format tiles, practice on a piece of old tile.

Use a piece of leftover tile to practice your cut. This can help you avoid mistakes and get the best possible result.

Large Format Tile Cutting Image - Practice on a piece of broken tile

    7. Cut large format tiles with the angle grinder

    Frequently asked questions about cutting large porcelain stoneware tiles and terrace slabs

    1. Can I cut large format tiles with a tile cutter?

    Yes, it is possible to cut large format tiles with a tile cutter. However, please pay attention to the maximum possible size.

    Large format tiles are very large and usually require a tile cutter that is designed for these XXL formats.

    2. Which tool is best for cutting large format tiles?

    An electric tile cutter or an angle grinder with a diamond saw blade are the best tools for cutting large format tiles.

    A tile cutting table can be rented for little money in many hardware stores.

    The cheapest alternative is the angle grinder if you already have one. You can purchase a suitable diamond cutting disc for tiles from us for as little as €19.

    Conclusion - Cutting XXL tiles is not difficult if you have the right tools and machines at hand

    Cutting large format tiles is not particularly difficult and can be done by any do-it-yourselfer with a little practice.

    It is very important to transfer the dimensions accurately and to avoid breakouts.

    Practice on a piece of leftover tile to perfect your technique and always wear protective clothing.


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