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Sand-lime brick grinding

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Grind and adjust sand-lime brick with the angle grinder

Sanding and trimming sand-lime brick can be a challenging task, but with the right tools and knowledge it can be done relatively easily and effectively.

Image of a sand-lime brick wall with plaster and mortar that needs to be sanded

In this article we will focus on how to grind sand-lime brick with an angle grinder while avoiding common mistakes.

We'll also look at the different types of diamond grinding wheels that are suitable for grinding sand-lime brick, as well as some practical tips for a successful grinding project. Let's get started right away!

Diamond grinding wheels are the best tool for grinding sand-lime brick

Sand-lime brick is a popular building material that is used in various construction projects. However, before we dive into the details of grinding, it is important to understand what type of diamond grinding wheels work best on this material.

Pictures of diamond grinding wheels that are suitable for sand-lime stone grinding

1. Diamond cup wheel for coarse grinding

The diamond cup wheel is ideal for rough grinding and can quickly smooth out bumps and coarser surfaces. This type of grinding wheel is particularly useful when the sand-lime brick is badly damaged or uneven.


  • Sands any surface with no problems
  • Available with different segment types
  • Grinding sand-lime bricks with the angle grinder
  • Compatible with extraction hood for dust-free sanding

Diamond cup wheel Grinding properties Graphic

2. Diamond sanding pad for finer sanding work

If you want a smooth and polished look, consider using the Diamond Abrasive Pad. Suitable for finer grinding work, this grinding wheel is perfect for refining the sand-lime brick surface and achieving a professional appearance.


  • For particularly precise grinding
  • Ideal for visible surfaces
  • For dry and wet grinding

Diamond sanding pad grits in comparison

3. Grind sand-lime brick with the angle grinder - instructions

Before you start grinding, you should take the right protective measures. Do you wear:

  • a pair of goggles
  • ear protection
  • Dust mask to protect your eyes, ears and lungs.

1. Preparation of the angle grinder

Attach the diamond cup wheel to an angle grinder

Attach the appropriate one firmly to the angle grinder. Also make sure that the angle grinder has enough power.

2. Mark the area to be sanded

Use chalk or a washable marker to mark the areas on the sand-lime brick that you want to sand. This helps you to work in a targeted and precise manner.

Mark the sand-lime brick area correctly

3. Start sand-lime brick grinding

Turn on the angle grinder and carefully place the grinding wheel on the marked area.

  • Sand slowly and evenly
  • Don't apply too much pressure
  • For plaster, mortar and screed residues, use a diamond cup wheel

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Avoid common mistakes when grinding sand-lime brick

In order for your grinding project to be successful, it is important to avoid common mistakes that can occur when processing sand-lime brick.

# mistake 1

One of the most common mistakes is putting too much pressure on the angle grinder. This can lead to unsightly scratches and damage. Instead, be gentle and let the diamond wheel do its job.

# mistake 2

Another mistake when grinding visible sand-lime brick is skipping grain sizes on the grinding wheels. Always start with a coarse grit and then work your way up to finer grit sizes for an even sanding result.

Grains for visible surfaces Graphic

# Error 3

Don't forget to clean the surface between sanding passes. Dust and dirt can affect the grinding results and cause scratches.

Conclusion - Sand-lime brick can be sanded relatively easily

Grinding sand-lime brick with an angle grinder is an effective way to smooth uneven surfaces and customize the material for various construction projects. With the right diamond grinding wheels and the right technique, you can achieve impressive results.

However, if you have no experience with grinding or are unsure, it is advisable to consult a specialist in order to avoid damage to the sand-lime brick.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions about sand-lime brick grinding

Question 1: Is sand-lime brick grinding a dusty affair?

Yes, sand-lime brick grinding produces dust. Therefore, it is important to take the appropriate protective measures to protect yourself.

Extraction hood for diamond cup wheels

Question 2: Can I use a conventional sanding pad instead of a diamond sanding pad?

It is strongly recommended to use diamond grinding wheels for grinding sand-lime bricks, as they have been specially developed for these materials and produce better results.

Question 3: How often do I need to change the grinding wheel?

The frequency of changing the wheel depends on the size of the project and the wear of the grinding wheel. It is recommended to change the disc when it is worn out.

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