Welche Maschinen eignen sich am besten zum Fliesen bohren?

Which machines are best suited for drilling tiles?

Iynx Tools tile drill bit in action

1 Introduction

Drilling tiles can be a daunting task, especially if you don't have the right equipment at hand.

This article will guide you through the different types of machines that can be used to drill tiles and help you make the best choice for your tile project.

2. Why is drilling the right tile so important?

2.1 Precision

Shows precise hole drilling when drilling tiles with different machines

Drilling tiles requires precision and care.

A small mistake can damage or even break the tile.

That is why it is important to use the right machine, the right tool and the right technique.

2.2 Prevention of damage

Damage to a tile due to choosing the wrong machine

Incorrect tools or techniques can cause cracks or other damage to the tiles.

This damage can be costly and affect the overall appearance of your project.

3. Different machines for drilling tiles

3.1 Cordless drill

Drilling machine is ideal for drilling tiles

The cordless drill is a handy option for drilling tiles because it increases portability and doesn't require direct access to an electrical outlet.

It also offers sufficient performance for most tiling projects, but can reach its limits with very hard tile types.

Important: Cordless drills can only be equipped with HEX tile drills. These have a maximum diameter of 14 mm.

3.2 angle grinder

Angle grinder is good for drilling tile

An angle grinder equipped with a diamond drill bit can be an effective solution for drilling tiles, especially large diameters or very hard materials.

However, using it requires experience and finesse to avoid damage and get accurate results.

Important: A tile drill for the Flex requires an M14 mount. These are only available for diamond drills. The biggest advantage of the angle grinder when drilling tiles is that a tile drill bit with a diameter of up to 130 mm can be used.

4. How to choose the right machine

4.1 Materials of the tiles

Different tile materials may require different tile drilling machines

The type of tile will determine which machine you should use.

Note: The harder the tile, the more power the machine must have.

4.2 Project Specifications

Specifications for bathroom design can influence the choice of machine.

The specifications of your project also play a role in choosing the right machine.

If you only need to drill a few holes, a simple cordless drill might do the trick.

For a wide range of drilling, a corded tool might be a better choice.

4.3 Budget Considerations

The budget can influence the choice of machine

Your budget is also an important factor.

Drill presses are often cheaper, but they may not be the best option for quality work.

Our tip: Use the machine you already own and buy a suitable high-quality tile drill.

Image of a cordless screwdriver that can be used with a drill to drill tiles

The do-it-yourself forum recommends not using the impact drill function when drilling tiles. This is not available on most cordless drills and angle grinders.

5. Conclusion - It depends

Choosing the right tile drilling machine depends on a variety of factors, including the type of tile, the specifications of your project, and your budget.

Whichever machine you choose, it is important to drill safely and efficiently to avoid damage and get the best result.

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