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Buy drill bits for concrete drilling. Buy with a diamond or carbide segment for core drilling and socket drilling in concrete or reinforced concrete.

Drill bit for concrete

Discover our professional drill bits for concrete with diamond segment or carbide teeth. Ideal for do-it-yourselfers and craftsmen.

Core drilling in concrete and reinforced concrete

Core drilling in concrete and reinforced concrete with a concrete drill bit is one of the most common types for:

  • wall breakthroughs
  • Installation of pipes
  • House technic
  • Drilling a hole in reinforced concrete

A powerful core drilling machine or SDS Plus machine is required for this work.

Diamant Bohrkrone beim Beton bohren - Kernlochbohrungen in altem Beton für einen Wanddurchbruch

Diamond drill bits for concrete

Diamond core bits for concrete are the best drilling tool for particularly large holes. They are used for all types of core drilling.

Depending on the area of ​​application, a concrete drill bit can be used for wet or dry drilling without water.

The mount of our product line is always M16 and therefore fits all common core drilling machines that do not use their own mount shape such as Hilti.

Hohlbohrkrone für Beton beim Bohren einer Betonwand

Hollow bit for concrete

Hollow drill bits are comparable to diamond drill bits. However, these have carbide teeth and not diamond segments.

They are therefore designed for fewer holes in concrete and can only drill reinforced concrete to a limited extent. However, they can score with their low price and are therefore particularly interesting for do-it-yourselfers.