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Tile drill bit 120 mm

Tile drill bit 120 mm

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  • For soft & hard tiles
  • For angle grinders

Frequently asked questions - Tile drill bit 120 mm

Kundenfrage: Wie hoch ist das Diamant-Segment der 120 mm Bohrkrone?

iynx Tools Antwort: Das Diamant-Segment unserer Fliesenbohrkronen beträgt derzeit 10 mm.

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Save Time & Money - Drill a large 120mm tile hole instead of cutting it!

The diamond tile core bit with a diameter of 120 mm is the perfect solution for various bathroom applications where a large hole is required.

Instructions Drill a large tile hole

This drill bit enables precise drilling of holes for:

  • exhaust fans
  • pipe penetrations
  • drains
  • concealed fittings

Outstanding drilling performance of the 120 mm tile drill bit

The 120 mm diamond drill bit for tiles was specially developed for precise and fast drilling. With its robust, diamond-coated cutting edge, it effortlessly penetrates hard materials such as:

Longevity and efficiency of the tile drill bit

Our 120mm diamond drill bit for tiles is made up of high-quality diamond segments that extend the life of the drill bit while ensuring optimal drilling performance.

The special diamond coating ensures efficient and continuous performance and reduces wear on the drill bit.

Easy to use and compatible with all angle grinders

The 120 mm diamond core bit is easy to use and fits all angle grinders with M14 shank on the market. You can also use it with a power drill with an M14 to HEX adapter . This makes it extremely versatile and flexible in use.

With this 120 mm tile drill bit you can save time and money because you can drill large holes precisely and efficiently instead of cutting.

It is the ideal solution for professional results in your bathroom projects.

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Highlights Tile drill bit 120 mm

Bohrt jede Fliese und Terrassenplatte – egal wie hart

Großes Fliesenloch bohren statt flexen


120 mm Ideal für den Toilettenabfluss oder Unterputzkästen

Universelle M14-Aufnahme für jeden Winkelschleifer

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Product Information Tile drill bit 120 mm

Technical details & areas of application

diameter of
Tile drill bit:
Recording: M14
Machinery: angle grinder, flex
Application: For socket drilling of hard
tiles, ceramics, fine stoneware,
granite and marble
Segment type: diamond segment
segment height:

10 mm for maximum service life


Fliesen bohren mit einer 120 mm Diamant-Fliesenbohrkrone

  1. Zeichne das gewünschte Bohrloch mit einem Zirkel an.
  2. Fliesenbohrkrone anbringen - Montiere sie auf dem Winkelschleifer.
  3. Im 45-Grad-Winkel an der Fliese ansetzen - Platziere die Bohrkrone schräg an der untersten Stelle der Markierung.
  4. Schaffe während der Schräglage eine leichte Kerbe in der die Fliesenbohrkrone sich "fassen" kann.
  5. Führe pendelnde Bewegungen für einen gleichmäßigen Bohrfortschritt aus.

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