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Diamond saw blades available in all diameters. For small machines and large table saws such as wet cutting tables.

Diamond saw blade in use

Diamond saw blade FAQ

What is a diamond saw blade?

A diamond saw blade is a special saw blade that is set with small industrial diamonds. These diamonds are very hard and allow the saw blade to cut through almost any material including concrete, tile, stone and other hard materials. The diamonds are embedded in the saw blade's metal matrix and are continuously exposed during the cutting process to ensure continuous cutting performance.

Diamond saw blades are available in different diameters and styles to cover different materials and applications.

How do I properly care for my diamond saw blade?

Regular care and maintenance can significantly extend the life of a diamond saw blade. Here are some tips:

  • Avoid dry cutting unless the saw blade is specifically designed for it. Dry cutting can overheat and damage the diamond segments.
  • Clean the saw blade after each use to remove accumulated material that can affect cutting performance.
  • Check the saw blade regularly for damage or excessive wear. If you notice cracks or missing diamond segments, replace the blade immediately.
  • Only use the saw blade for the materials for which it is intended. Improper use can damage the sheet or even be dangerous.

How do I choose the right diamond saw blade?

There are several factors that should be considered when choosing a diamond saw blade:

  • Material: Different materials require different types of saw blades. Some blades are universal, while others are specifically designed for specific materials such as concrete, tile, or stone.
  • Size and type of saw: Make sure the saw blade fits your saw. Not every saw blade is suitable for every saw.
  • Wet or Dry Cutting: Some diamond saw blades are designed for wet cutting, which uses water for cooling, while others are designed for dry cutting. Some sheets can be used for both.
  • Quality and price: Higher priced saw blades can offer longer life and better cutting performance, but this is not always the case. It's important to check product reviews and manufacturer information to make an informed decision.

Overview of diamond saw blades

iynx Tools manufactures high quality diamond saw blades designed for cutting the most important materials with the most common machines.

Diamant Sägeblatt beim Fliesen schneiden mit einem Schneidetisch

Diamond saw blades for cutting tables

Diamond saw blades for table saws are large-format cutting discs that are equipped with a diamond segment and often have a diameter of 300 mm or 350 mm.

Main Applications of Diamond Saw Blades for Table Saws:

  1. Cutting large tiles
  2. Splitting of concrete slabs
  3. Machining of rock slabs such as marble slabs and granite slabs
Diamant Sägeblatt für Stichsägen

Diamond jigsaw blades

Diamond-coated jigsaw blades are true all-rounders for hard materials. Here are their outstanding features:

  • They are particularly suitable for cutting porcelain stoneware, concrete, porcelain and glass.
  • They have a fine diamond granulate coating that enables precise cuts.
  • They have a common single-cam shank (T-shank), which ensures high compatibility with numerous commercially available jigsaws.
Diamant Kreissägeblätter

Diamond circular saw blade

Diamond circular saw blades are specialized tools designed for abrasive materials and particularly challenging cutting tasks. Their outstanding features include:

  • They are particularly suitable for use with gypsum and cement-bound panels, laminate, MDF, stone wool panels, Heraklith, GRP, CFRP, Eternit and other panel materials.
  • They master all difficult cutting tasks in the field of cement fiber boards and other materials that are difficult to machine.
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