Diamond cutting disc for glass?

Laid mosaic glass tiles

Are diamond cutting discs useful for cutting glass?

In our opinion, cutting glass with a diamond cutting disc is not a very promising matter.

In everyday life, it makes little sense to cut window glass or other glass with a diamond-coated cutting disc.

However, an actual field of application arises when cutting glass tiles.

Cutting glass tiles


When laying tiles, they naturally have to be cut at one point or another.

When it comes to glass tiles or mosaic tiles, you have to pay special attention to the right design and the right diamond cutting disc.

Image of a tile diamond blade suitable for cutting glass tiles and glazed tiles.

Cutting glass tiles with the angle grinder (flex) or a table saw?

As glass tile is a highly sensitive material that can easily break out, we recommend using this type of tile with a table saw and water cooling.

Cut glazed tiles with the tile cutter and adding water for a perfect cut

The addition of water provides:

  • More precise cutting result

  • Fewer outbreaks

  • Additional cooling of the cutting disc

  • Transports even the smallest glass fragments directly away.

We do not recommend cutting commercial glass with a diamond blade. However, there are tile cutting discs that are suitable for cutting glazed tiles. However, this type of tile can only be cut wet.