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Tile drill 12 mm for ceramics, porcelain, tiles

Tile drill 12 mm for ceramics, porcelain, tiles

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  • For cordless screwdrivers
  • For soft tiles up to scratch hardness 6

Frequently asked questions - Tile drill 12 mm for ceramics, porcelain, tiles

Kundenfrage: Wie hoch ist die Wahrscheinlichkeit dass meine Fliese bricht?

iynx Tools Antwort: Die Wahrscheinlichkeit, dass Fliesen beim Bohren mit diesem Fliesenbohrer brechen, ist relativ gering, solange du unsere Anleitung befolgst.

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Clean and precise 12 mm holes in ceramics and porcelain - the 12 mm tile drill from iynx Tools!

The iynx Tools 12mm tile drill bit is specially designed to effortlessly drill through soft and medium-hard tiles. With its precise carbide cutting edges, it is ideal for:

  • pottery
  • Glass
  • thinner tiles

This tile drill allows you to drill into hard tiles and then drill through completely with a diamond tile drill.

Inexpensive and powerful - the entry into drilling tiles

The 12 mm carbide tile drill offers excellent value for money.

It convinces with its good drilling performance and is particularly suitable for drilling thin tiles with a maximum depth of 1.5 cm. The sharpened cutting edge with two cutting edges ensures precise and clean cuts in your tiles.

Hang mirrors and furniture securely instead of gluing them

With the iynx Tools tile drill 12 mm you can easily drill holes for:

  • Mirror
  • hanging cupboards
  • towel rail
  • Drill shower screens.

The HEX 6-Kant (E 6.3) mount enables quick and easy installation on your drill or cordless screwdriver. In this way you can fasten your furnishings professionally and safely.

Solves common problems when drilling tiles

Thanks to its special carbide construction and sharp cutting edges, cracks and chips in the tiles are minimized.

As a result, this drill enables clean and precise drilling without damaging the surface structure of the tiles. For particularly hard materials, you can alternatively use the 12 mm diamond drill bit .

With the iynx Tools tile drill 12 mm you get a reliable tool for clean and precise drilling in ceramics and porcelain. Convince yourself of its performance and make your tile projects easier!

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Highlights Tile drill 12 mm for ceramics, porcelain, tiles

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Bohrt weiche Fliesen einwandfrei

Unser günstigster 12 mm Fliesenbohrer

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Product Information Tile drill 12 mm for ceramics, porcelain, tiles

Technical details & areas of application

Diameter: 12mm
Recording: HEX hexagon (E 6.3)
Machinery: Drill / cordless screwdriver
Application: Ceramics, tiles, porcelain
Segment type: Sharpened cutting edge -
two cutting edges


Fliesen Bohren mit dem Hartmetall-Fliesenbohrer

  1. Fliese reinigen
  2. Bohrer in dem 6-Kant Schaft in die Bohrmaschine stecken
  3. Gewünschtes Fliesen Bohrloch auf die Fliese übertragen
  4. Den Bohrer an die Bohrloch Position setzen
  5. Gebe mit der freien Hand etwas Druck auf die Bohrmaschine. Nur beim Anbohren.
  6. Sobald der Fliesenbohrer mit seinem gesamten Durchmesser in der Fliese ist, solltest du den Druck verringern und die Drehzahl erhöhen.
  7. Fliesen Bohrloch säubern.

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