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Professional multi-purpose drill set - drills for all materials

Professional multi-purpose drill set - drills for all materials

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  • For cordless screwdrivers
  • For all hard building materials
  • For bargain hunters

Frequently asked questions - Professional multi-purpose drill set - drills for all materials

Kundenfrage: Kann den Mehrzweckbohrer mit Schlag verwenden?

iynx Tools Antwort: Das Schlagbohren wird mit dem Mehrzweckbohrer nicht empfohlen. Die scharfe Hartmetall-Spitze kann beim Schlagbohren abbrechen oder stumpf werden.

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Unparalleled versatility with the multi-purpose drill bit set - drills any material without the hassle of changing bits!

Our professional multi-purpose drill set gets you ready for any project. The drills are ideal for use in a wide variety of materials:

Areas of application for the multi-purpose drill

material drilling performance
concrete 3.5/5
masonry 4.5/5
brick 4 / 5
Wood 4 / 5
plastic 4/ 5
metal sheet 3.5/5
aluminum 3 / 5
soft tiles 4 / 5

Pre-ground and efficient carbide tips make the difference!

Thanks to the special carbide tip and alloy, the drill bits effortlessly penetrate any material and offer excellent drilling performance in every application.

Our professional multi-purpose drill set is characterized by the highest level of precision and durability. The 135 degree ground tips enable maximum drilling precision, while the extremely stable and hardened carbide tip ensures smooth and efficient drilling in all materials. In addition, the efficient dust removal ensures clean and precise work, which increases the service life of the drill.

Multi-purpose drill set contents

The set for all requirements includes seven drills in different sizes, so that you always have the right drill for your project at hand. The sizes include:

  • 1*4mm
  • 1*5mm
  • 2 x 6mm
  • 1 x 8mm
  • 1 x 10mm
  • 1 x 12mm

This variety enables you to process any material quickly and precisely without having to constantly change the drill bit.

Experience the incomparable versatility and quality of our multi-purpose drill set and make your drilling work in any material easier.

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Highlights Professional multi-purpose drill set - drills for all materials

Vielseitig einsetzbar - bohrt mühelos durch jedes Material

Perfekt geeignet für den Einsatz auf großen Baustellen

Gehärtete Hartmetallspitze für erhöhte Langlebigkeit

Starke Performance in allen Materialgruppen

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Product Information Professional multi-purpose drill set - drills for all materials

Technical details & areas of application

diameter and
length of
Multi-Purpose Drill:
4mm x 120mm, 5mm x 120mm,
6mm x 150mm, 8mm x 150mm,
10mm x 150mm
Recording: E 6.3 Holder for drills
Machinery: Drill / cordless screwdriver
Application: concrete, masonry, brick, wood,
plastic, sheet metal, aluminum,
soft tiles


Löcher bohren mit dem Mehrzweckbohrer

  1. Bohrloch vor dem Bohren mit dem Mehrzweckbohrer anzeichen
  2. Mehrzweckbohrer auf der Bohrmaschine montieren. Das Auswählen eines Bohrers entfällt, da der Mehrzweckbohrer jedes Material bohren kann
  3. Bohrloch Tiefe mit einem Stück Klebeband am Bohrer markieren
  4. Sichere und effektive Bohrposition einnehmen. Du solltest nicht zu weit von der Wand stehen
  5. Mehrzweckbohrer im 90-Grad-Winkel zur Wand halten
  6. Bohre soweit in das Material bis das Klebeband an der Wand anstößt.
  7. Nach dem Bohren mit dem Mehrzweckbohrer kannst du das Loch reinigen.

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