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Tile Adhesive Knowledge

Tile adhesive knowledge - types, uses and mistakes

Tile adhesive is a special adhesive used to lay tiles on floor and wall surfaces.

It usually consists of cement, sand and other chemical compounds that give it specific properties.

1. Application of tile adhesive

Tile adhesive is applied to the wall to lay tiles

Applying tile adhesive is a relatively simple process.

Here are the basic steps:

  1. Surface Preparation : Before applying the glue, you need to make sure the surface is clean, dry and free of loose materials.

  2. Mixing the Adhesive: Tile adhesive is usually sold as a powder that is mixed with water. The exact amount of water you need will depend on the specific product you are using, but most manufacturers will provide instructions on the packaging.

  3. Applying the Glue: Once the glue is mixed, you can apply it to the surface. Use a trowel to apply an even layer.

  4. Laying the tiles: After the glue has been applied, you can lay the tiles. Press each tile firmly into the adhesive to ensure it adheres well.

  5. Let dry: After all the tiles are laid, let the glue dry. The exact drying time depends on the specific product, but generally you should wait at least 24 hours before entering the area.

Our tip: When working with tile adhesives, you should use high-quality tile tools that will make your work much easier.

1.1 Important tips when using tile adhesive

  • Always use the right type of adhesive for your tiles and the surface you are laying them on. There are different types of adhesives for different materials and environments.

  • Be careful not to mix up too much glue at once. The glue dries relatively quickly, and if you mix too much at once, some of it could set before you can use it.

  • Accuracy is important when laying tiles . Take your time and make sure each tile is positioned correctly before pressing it into the adhesive.

2. Types of tile adhesive

Two types of tile adhesive - outdoor tile adhesive and PCI tile adhesive

There are different types of tile adhesive, each suitable for different applications.

Some of the most common types are:

    1. Dispersion Glue : This is a ready-to-use glue sold in buckets. It is ideal for damp rooms and non-absorbent surfaces such as glass and metal. Dispersion adhesives are easy to use because they do not have to be mixed.

    2. Reaction resin adhesive : This adhesive consists of two components that are only mixed immediately before use. It is particularly resistant to chemical and mechanical stress and is therefore particularly suitable for industrial and commercial areas.

    3. Cement-Based Adhesives : These are the most commonly used adhesives. They are very versatile and are suitable for a wide range of substrates and tile types.

    4. Flex Tile Adhesive: The plastic additives in these adhesives allow for stronger adhesion without the need for the grout to penetrate the covering material.
    5. Tile adhesive for outdoor use
    6. PCI glue

3. Avoid mistakes when using tile adhesive

A do-it-yourselfer who mixed the tile adhesive incorrectly and now has to start again

There are some common mistakes to avoid when using tile adhesive:

  1. Not using enough glue : If you don't use enough glue, the tiles may not stick properly. Make sure you apply a thick enough layer.

  2. Using too much glue: If you apply too much glue, the tiles may shift or the glue may ooze out the sides of the tiles. It's important to use just the right amount.

  3. Don't wait long enough: the tile adhesive needs to dry completely before you walk on the tiles or do any further work. If you don't wait long enough, the tiles may move or the adhesive may not fully set.

  4. Use the right tiling tools - Using the right tools is essential when laying tiles and working with tile adhesives. At iynx Tools you will find tools and machines for tiling, cutting, grinding and drilling.

3.1 Next guide for tile adhesive processing

4. Conclusion - Laying tiles is no problem with the right tile adhesive

Tile adhesive is an indispensable aid when laying tiles.

It is important to choose the right adhesive for the specific material and location. The correct application and mixing of the glue also plays a crucial role in the final result.

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