Floor cutter: The ultimate tool for efficient joint removal

The key to a successful renovation: Why a floor cutter should not be missing in your toolbox

If you're looking for a way to efficiently and safely remove old grout without damaging adjacent tiles, the grout cutter is your tool of choice.

In the context of building renovation and bathroom renovation, it is an indispensable tool.

But what makes a floor cutter so special? Let's take a closer look.

1. What is a floor cutter ?

A floor cutter is a tool primarily used to cut open and remove old grout. The clue here is that different tools are called "joint cutters".

2. Use of floor saws When renovating and refurbishing old buildings, a floor saw is an indispensable tool.

2.1 Advantages of a floor saw

The biggest advantage of a floor saw is that it can cut open joints without damaging the adjacent tiles. It can be used for both horizontal and vertical cutting of joints.

2.2 Different types of floor cutters

There are different types of floor saws, but the most common is the Multimaster.

The Multimaster Floor Saw As the name suggests, the Multimaster is a versatile tool. It can be used for many different tasks depending on which attachment is mounted.

2.3 Areas of application of the Multimaster

The Multimaster can be used to split joints, trim door frames or even polish various materials. In the automotive industry it is often used for grinding and polishing old car bodies.

2.4 Accessories for the Multimaster

There are different sanding pads for the Multimaster. Starting with coarse pads, you gradually work your way up to the fine polishing pad. The Multimaster can also be used to remove tile adhesive.

Other helpful guides for joint processing

3. More popular tools that can be used as a tile floor saw

  1. Electric grout scraper : A more powerful variant of the manual grout scraper, this device allows for quicker and more effective grout removal. It is particularly suitable for larger areas.

  2. Diamond burrs : Diamond burrs are used in a multi-tool and can provide precise and clean results. Due to their special shape, they are ideal for removing joints in corners and edges.

  3. Grooving tools : Grooving tools are specialized tools specifically designed to remove joints between tiles. They have a powerful motor and a special milling blade that makes it easier to remove the joints.

  4. Angle grinder with diamond disc : For very hard and thick joints, an angle grinder with diamond disc can be used. However, care must be taken to avoid damaging the tiles.

  5. Oscillating tools : These devices use rapid oscillating movements to remove grout. They are very versatile and can be used with different attachments for different applications.

  6. Demolition hammer with chisel : A demolition hammer with chisel can be helpful for very large areas or very old, hard joints. However, it requires a certain experience and skill in order not to damage the tiles.

4. Conclusion - Floor cutters are available in different price ranges and designs.

A floor cutter or a Multimaster are versatile tools that are indispensable when renovating and refurbishing. They can be used to efficiently remove old joints and perform many other tasks.

5. FAQs - The most common questions regarding a grout remover

  1. Can a floor cutter damage tiles? No, a floor cutter can cut open joints without damaging the adjacent tiles.
  2. Can the Multimaster be used to polish materials? Yes, with the right attachment, the Multimaster can be used to polish different materials.
  3. What types of joints can a floor cutter process? A floor cutter can work on both cement and silicone joints.
  4. How do I remove tile adhesive residue? Tile adhesive residues can be effectively removed with the Multimaster and the hard metal grinding plate.
  5. Can I also use a floor cutter to remove paint? Yes, with the right attachment, floor saws can be used to remove paint.

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