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Cool diamond drills - 4 ways

There are several ways to cool a diamond drill efficiently

A diamond drill can be cooled in different ways, sometimes better and sometimes worse. We would like to show you all the options that can be implemented quickly.

In any case, decide for yourself which method is most suitable for you.

Why should I additionally cool my diamond drill ?

The diamond segment can withstand a lot but is not indestructible.

Especially when drilling hard materials made of granite , natural stone, stone and fine stoneware, particularly high frictional forces are generated, which result in enormous heat stress for the diamond segment.

It is therefore important to always be careful when drilling tiles .

Pro tip:

Never touch the diamond drill immediately after drilling.
You really could get burns.

Attention: Possible burns on the finger from the diamond drill without adequate cooling

Increase the lifetime of the diamond drill

If you are careful not to overheat your drill too much, you can significantly increase its lifetime. From our experience, we can tell you that just 30 - 60 seconds between drilling can work wonders.

Take a break between drills - stop the time

A diamond drill with integrated cooling wax should also be treated gently.

The cooling wax of the diamond drill is placed in the "stem tube".

It is also heated during the drilling process. Normally, this cooling is sufficient to withstand the heat development.

Product picture Diamond drills with cooling wax

With particularly hard and thick tiles, however, the cooling wax also reaches its limits, begins to melt and is used up far too quickly.

The best methods to cool a diamond drill.

These methods are also suitable for additional cooling of diamond-tipped tile drill bits .

method Per against
Water Always available Generated
drilling mud
cooling wax Increases the number
drilling clearly
Not always available.
Additional costs
WD40 Helps with almost everything.
Not on sensitive ones
use surfaces
Not always available.
Additional costs.

addition of water

Water is an effective means of providing additional cooling. The advantage is that it is almost always available. You can either add the water as you drill or simply dunk the drill in a bowl of water.

It is best to use cold water.

Cold water in a bowl for extra cooling when drilling hard tile with a diamond bit

Lubricate diamond drills with additional cooling wax

You can buy the cooling wax from us in a practical container. It is available for little money and can support or replace the integrated cooling wax.

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