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Cutting sand-lime brick - Instructions Tips for the perfect result

The most effective methods for cutting sand-lime brick

Difficulty: Easy | Costs: approx. 20 euros | Workload: approx. 30 minutes

Sand-lime brick is a material that is widely used in the construction industry. It is robust, durable and can be used in many areas of construction.

However, in order to cut sand-lime brick into a desired size or shape, you need the right tools and the appropriate technology.

In this article we will show you how to cut sand-lime brick and which methods and tools you need to do this.

Table of contents

Sand-lime brick cutting banner image

1. Which tools are suitable for cutting sand-lime brick?

Before you can cut sand-lime brick, you need the right tools. Here are some of the most commonly used tools:

Image of a stone cutting disc that is suitable for cutting sand-lime brick

1.1 Cut sand-lime brick with the angle grinder

An angle grinder is a portable power tool that can be fitted with a variety of cutting discs. A diamond blade is recommended for cutting sand-lime brick, as it can cut the material most quickly and precisely.

Banner picture Application picture of sand-lime brick cut with the angle grinder

1.2 foxtail saw

A foxtail saw is a hand saw that can be used for cutting sand-lime brick. The cutting teeth of the foxtail saw must be sharp. Otherwise it can be difficult to cut the sand-lime brick cleanly.

Foxtail saw for cutting sand-lime brick

1.3 Stone saw

A stone saw is a machine used for cutting sand-lime brick. However, it is more expensive than other tools and is typically used for larger projects. This can also be temporarily borrowed from many hardware stores such as OBI or Hornbach .

User picture Stone saw for cutting sand-lime brick

2. How do I cut sand-lime brick correctly?

In addition to the right tool, the correct technique when cutting sand-lime brick must also be observed.

2.1 Measure before cutting

Before you start cutting, measure the material accurately. Be absolutely sure that you have correctly transferred your desired size and shape to the sand-lime brick.

Craftsmen measuring to transfer the dimensions to sand-lime brick

2.2 Cutting with an angle grinder

Cutting stones with the angle grinder (flex) guide banner image


When cutting sand-lime brick, the angle grinder with a stone cutting disc is a very handy and effective option. However, it is extremely important to let the angle grinder do the work and not to put too much pressure on the material. Start at the edge area and cut straight through the material along the raw edge. This is how you achieve the best result.

2.3 Cutting with a foxtail saw

If you want to cut sand-lime brick with a foxtail saw, you should hold the tool and let the saw blade cut the material. Slowly move the saw blade back and forth to make the cut. You should be careful not to apply too much pressure to the saw blade in order not to damage it or damage the material. The cutting behavior is similar to many other materials and can be performed by anyone.

2.4 Cutting with a stone saw

To cut sand-lime brick with a stone saw, simply place the material on the machine and carefully guide it in the direction of the saw blade. You should make sure that you only use a diamond saw blade that is specially designed for cutting stone.

If the cutting depth is not sufficient, you can simply turn the sand-lime brick over and cut again on the other side. With a little practice and patience, you will soon develop a feel for it and achieve perfect cuts.

However, it is always important to observe the safety instructions and wear protective clothing to avoid injuries.

3. Tips for cutting sand-lime brick

Here are some tips that can help you cut sand-lime brick effectively:

3.1 Use the right tools

Use the right sand-lime brick cutting tools to ensure effective and accurate cutting. An angle grinder with a diamond disc is a good choice for the application.

3.2 Wear the correct protective equipment

When cutting sand-lime brick, dust and splinters can become a hazard. So always wear safety goggles, a respirator and gloves to protect your eyes, lungs and hands.

Use protective equipment when cutting sand-lime brick - dust mask, gloves, earmuffs, steel-toed shoes

3.3 Measure the material before cutting

Before you start cutting, you should measure the material carefully. This way you can ensure that you make the right cuts and use the material as efficiently as possible. You also minimize waste.

3.4 Avoid too much pressure on the tool

When cutting any stone, it is important not to put too much pressure on the tool. This can damage both the tool and the material. If you apply too much pressure, this can cause the saw blade or the cutting disc to break or even break more quickly.

In addition, unclean cuts can occur that make the material unusable. Therefore, it is best to work slowly and precisely, and let the tool do the work. This way you minimize the risk of injury.

5. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

5.1 Can I cut sand-lime brick with a standard saw?

A commercially available saw cannot effectively cut sand-lime brick. Instead, use tools like an angle grinder, handsaw , or stone saw to cut the material as best as possible.

6. Conclusion - You can cut sand-lime brick yourself!

Sand-lime brick is a versatile material used in many building applications. However, cutting the material requires using the right tools and techniques.

The cutting itself is not as difficult as many assume. As with many other applications, the task is not that difficult. Just try it and you will see that it is not that difficult.

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