Keramik Fliesen werden mit einem Winkelschleifer (Flex) und einer Diamant Trennscheibe geschnitten

Flexing ceramics - A detailed guide

Welcome to our comprehensive guide to ceramic cutting flex.
In this article we will explain in detail what a flex is and how to use it to cut ceramic tiles or slabs.

quick guide

  1. Mark ceramic tile
  2. Clamp in the tile cutting disc
  3. Start cutting in the edge area with a low number of revolutions
  4. Cut along the marked cutting line without much pressure
  5. Check cutting edge and regrind if necessary

Do-it-yourselfers cutting tiles with a flex and a tile cutting disc

1. About ceramics

What is ceramics - picture of different ceramic objects

Ceramic is a versatile material that is used in many fields, from construction to art.

It is characterized by its:

  • hardness
  • heat resistance
  • visual attractiveness.

2. Use the flex as a cutting tool

Picture of a flex (angle grinder) that is suitable for ceramic flexing

A flex is actually an angle grinder used to cut various materials including ceramics.

The Flex is for their:

  • flexibility
  • precision
  • and profitability known.

3.Why should a flex or angle grinder be used to cut ceramics?

There are numerous advantages to using Flex to cut ceramics.

3.1 Flexibility

An angle grinder is extremely versatile and can be adapted to a variety of crafting tasks.

She can cut ceramics for:


3.2 Precision in ceramic flexing

Equipped with the right tile cutting disc , the Flex offers you extremely high precision, which is essential when cutting ceramics. They allow you to make clean cuts without damaging the material.

4. How to cut ceramic tiles with a flex

Image of a new bathroom where ceramic tiles have been flexed

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to cut ceramic with the Flex.

Please also read our comprehensive guide to flexing tiles .

1. Material preparation

Make sure the ceramic is clean and free of dust and dirt.

Mark the cutting area with a designed marker or pencil.

2. Cutting process

Switch on the flex (angle grinder) and guide the machine and the cutting disc along the marking.

Guide the tool evenly and without applying too much pressure. You can make multiple cuts if needed.

3. Post-processing

After cutting, smooth the edges with a tile grinding wheel to remove any sharp spots.

Conclusion - The angle grinder (flex) is one of the best machines for cutting ceramic tiles

Using an angle grinder to cut ceramics is an efficient and precise method.

With the right tools and techniques, you can master your ceramic projects with ease.

It is the best choice for:

  • excerpts
  • curves
  • recesses

The most frequently asked questions about cutting ceramics with the Flex

1. Is the Flex the best machine for cutting ceramics?

An angle grinder offers many benefits, including flexibility, precision, and economy, making it a good choice for many projects. However, a tile cutter is recommended for many straight cuts. To cut particularly thick or hard ceramics, you should use a tile table saw.

2. How can I make sure I'm safe when cutting ceramic with Flex?

It is important to always wear appropriate protective clothing, including goggles and gloves. In addition, ceramic cutting should only be performed in well-ventilated areas.

3. Can I make detailed cuts in ceramics with Flex?

Yes, with a flex you can make detailed cuts and even curve cuts. Provided you use a high-quality tile cutting disc. Please note that new diamond cutting discs must be cut. Make 5-10 cuts in an old piece of pottery.

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