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Drilling lawn edging stones - instructions, video and tools

Lawn edging stones often have to be drilled in the garden before or after laying. We'll show you how it's done!

If you want to beautify your garden and want a clear demarcation between lawn and flower beds, lawn edging stones are the ideal solution. In this article, you'll learn everything you need to know about drilling lawn edging stones to give your yard a professional and manicured look.

    1. What are lawn edging stones?

    Lawn curbs garden path

    Lawn edging stones are small, sturdy blocks of stone used to border lawns from:

    • flower beds
    • sidewalks
    • or other elements of the garden.

    Often made of concrete, granite or natural stone, they offer an aesthetically pleasing solution for structuring your garden.

    Stone cutting and drilling banner image

    2. The advantages of lawn edging stones

    Lawn edging stones offer numerous advantages for your garden. Here are some of the most important:

    • Clear Delineation: Lawn edging stones create a clear boundary between the lawn and other garden areas, resulting in a neat and tidy appearance.

    • Weed Control: By preventing grass from entering flower beds, lawn edging stones help minimize weed growth and make garden maintenance easier.

    • Stability: The solid lawn edging stones keep the lawn in shape and prevent erosion and subsidence.

    • DURABILITY: Constructed from strong materials, lawn edging stones are a long-term investment for your garden.

    3. The right machines and tools for drilling lawn edging stones

    Before you start drilling, make sure you have the right materials and tools. You need:

    • Your choice of lawn edging
    • It is best to use a multi-material drill
    • Alternatively, masonry drill or concrete drill
    • drill or cordless screwdriver

      4. Step-by-step instructions on how to drill lawn edging stones

      Lawn edging stones drilling banner image instructions

      4.1 Choosing the right diameter

      Be sure to create the correct hole size by selecting the correct drill diameter. Ideally, the drill hole should be exactly the diameter you need.

      4.2 Mark the drill hole

      Mark the desired drill hole on the stone surface with a marker or a sharp object like a chisel. If necessary, check the dimensions again from all outer edges with a measuring tape.

      4.3 Drill a hole in the lawn curb

      1. Clamp the drill
      2. Use a multi-material drill, masonry drill or concrete drill
      3. Drill the hole slowly and carefully
      4. Particularly hard materials such as natural stone and granite take a little longer. Use water for extra cooling if necessary.

      Handyman drilling with a multi-purpose drill

      More helpful guides for lawn edging stones

      5. Care and maintenance of lawn edging stones

      Lawn curbs require little maintenance. Clean them regularly from dirt and moss. If necessary, you can clean the stones with a high-pressure cleaner. Also check occasionally that they are still firmly attached to the ground.

      6. Lawn Curbs vs. Other Garden Boundaries

      Compared to wooden or plastic borders, lawn edging stones offer a more durable and robust solution. They are resistant to the elements and give your garden a natural aesthetic.

      Image of various lawn edging stones

      8. Frequently Asked Questions About Drilling Holes for Lawn Curbs

      1. How deep should the holes for the lawn edging stones be?

      The holes should be about 5 cm deeper than the height of the lawn curbs.

      2. What kind of lawn edging stones is the best choice?

      That depends on your personal taste and needs. Concrete blocks are durable and inexpensive, while natural stones offer a more natural look.

      3. Can I set lawn edging stones myself?

      Yes, with the right instructions and tools, setting lawn edging stones is a doable DIY project.

      4. How can I make sure the lawn edging stones are straight?

      Use a spirit level to ensure the stones are in the correct position and level.

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