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Cut corners and recess in tiles

We'll show you the most effective way to cut recesses in tiles. Also suitable for corners

 Difficulty: Easy | Costs about 50 euros | Workload : approx. 30min

Tiles cannot always be laid without additional work steps. Often there is some type of object in the way that requires a corresponding recess or corner to be cut.

When does a recess need to be cut?

  • corners and corner areas
  • heating pipes
  • connections
  • shower areas
  • bathtub area

Craftsman cutting recesses in tiles with an angle grinder and a tile cutting disc


1. The angle grinder (flex) is the best machine for cutting recesses in tiles

Craftsman cutting recesses in tiles with the angle grinder (flex)

The angle grinder is the most suitable machine to adjust tiles. It has the required performance and at the same time can be used extremely flexibly.

In conjunction with a diamond tile blade, you can cut any type of recess in your tile :

  • Cut tile round
  • Rectangular recess
  • Adjust tile angle

1.1 What are the advantages of the angle grinder when cutting recesses compared to other machines?

  • Flexibility - The angle grinder is small and handy and works well in almost all areas of application
  • The angle grinder is often already available and saves additional costs
  • Different types of recesses can be set quickly.

2. How do I cut corners and recesses with a Flex?

For the best possible results, you should follow these step-by-step instructions:

Step 1: Transfer measurements to tile

Take the measurements with a ruler, a set square or a contour gauge and transfer them as best as possible (with a washable pen).

Step 2: Prepare tools and machine

Mount the 125 mm tile cutting wheel on the angle grinder. When cutting your recess, please note the width of the cutting wheel . Always cut along the desired outside edge.

Step 3: Cut recess in tile

Now cut along the marked line at the recommended speed . Please make sure to cut all the way through the tile and not just score it. Breaking will always produce worse results than cutting itself.

Step 4: Check the cutting edge

Examine the cut edge of tiles and sand down if necessary. The best and cheapest tool for this are diamond grinding pads (from €9.90) for the angle grinder.

Diamond polishing wheel sale banner

2.1 For more information on how best to cut tiles with the angle grinder, you can read this guide.

Banner image Guide Cutting tiles with the Flex

2.2 Are there alternatives to the angle grinder?

If you don't have an angle grinder handy, there are some alternatives to cutting recesses in tiles without using a flex.

The best alternatives are:

  • Tile punch pliers : With tile pliers you can work on your tile piece by piece and snap off small parts of it. Stick to the dimensions given

  • Tile drill bit : Large holes for a recess can also be drilled. We offer you a range of the most popular diameters for a millimeter-precise cut-out.

3. Frequently asked questions when cutting recess tiles

1. Is the angle grinder the best machine for cutting recesses in tiles?

Yes, the angle grinder, also called flex, is the most suitable machine for adjusting tiles. It offers the power and flexibility needed to cut different types of recesses in tiles, such as round shapes, rectangular recesses and fitting tiles at angles.

2. Are there alternatives to the angle grinder for cutting recesses in tiles?

Yes! The best alternatives are parrot pliers or a large tile drill bit

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